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Patna, the capital of Bihar, is a perfect combination of rich culture and history but the specialty is not limited to this! Bihari cuisine is gaining a lot of popularity due to its delicious foods and flavors. The land of flavors of Patna offers unique dishes that can tantalize the taste buds of every foodie! Apart from the main Satwa that is popular in their area, there are many more that should never be missed.

Here are 3 dishes from Patna that will whet your appetite and make you want to try more!

1. Latti Chokha

Latti chokha falls under the category of this classic signature dish of Bihar. Its lip-smacking flavors and tastes need no introduction. Found in almost every corner, this dish is extremely healthy and filling. Made from wheat flour and drizzled in roasted gram flour, spices, lemon juice, pickles and ghee, Latti Chokha goes through a baking process to add crunch to the outer layer. Moreover, it is served with Chokha, which is a combination of hearty mashed vegetables and thus it turns into a complete combination of deliciousness.

2. Malpoa.

Malpawa is another delight from the land of Bihar which is quite popular all around. It is a kind of sweet dish which can be available anywhere but its original flavor and best taste can be enjoyed only in Bihar as it is one of the specialties of this place. It is prepared from 4 simple ingredients including flour, milk, mashed banana and sugar and is further fried in ghee. A sugary syrup drizzled with crispiness creates an everlasting place in your heart. This all-time favorite sweet dish of Bihar is sometimes enjoyed with Muthi Rabdi.

3. Dal Pitha

Bihari cuisine has reinvented the pakori or momos in its own sweet and hearty way. This Bihar dish is made from rice flour and is filled with lentil paste, spices and pickles. This dumpling-shaped dish is steamed or fried more like momo and is usually served during breakfast. Considered one of the healthiest breakfasts in Bihar, this dish will definitely leave you wanting more.

With an exquisite aroma, a tantalizing touch of healthiness and an unforgettable taste, Patna will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. Try out these most famous dishes of Patna and let us know which one is your favourite.

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