4 takeaways from Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid’s media availability | Techy Kings


AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann

Andy Reid has an incredible record of success after the bye week, but what does he attribute that success to? He doesn’t think there’s any big secret behind their method. They have their bye week self-scout and they take the proper time off to rest and recharge.

“I think Fraz (statistical analysis coordinator Mike Frazier) does a good job of scouting (and) keeping us updated,” Reid said. “What you get with this Nate (Taylor) is you get a little (of) extra time to dig in and make sure you don’t miss anything, right? So, Fraz has it up and then he gives it to us for to go back and evaluate Then if we as staff have any questions about what the staff might think we need to improve on, we look at them.

“All in all, I try to get the guys healthy and rest is really what we try to do with the players. And then the coaches, we work a few days and then we take a couple of days off. I think that helps you recharge a little bit. Who know? I don’t have an answer. People ask me about the wins after (bye) – there’s no secret to it. I don’t know what the answer is. I’ve been blessed to be on good football teams, I think that’s probably the best (answer ) – blessed with it. So there’s probably truth to it.”

Hopefully, this particular good football team will be able to help Reid extend his record of success after the bye week to 21-3 in the NFL regular season.


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