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Acer A380 has no power connectors

Acer adds another flagship graphics card to its dedicated desktop GPU portfolio.

The A380 from Acer is now available on Acer’s official store on Amazon. Compared to the A770, there is no ‘BiFrost’ cooler on this model, and there is no power connector.

Arc A380 Hunter, Source: Acer

Although this card is part of the Predator Gaming series, it is not a gaming card by any means. However, the A380 has proven useful for a variety of video decoding and workloads, so it makes perfect sense as a companion card for streaming or recording. The product description mainly focuses on video decoding, AI-acceleration and support for ray tracing.

This model is a dual-inlet design with a single fan type fan. It offers three display connectors (2x DP and 1x HDMI). Instead of adding a backplate, Acer painted the board with countless Predator logos, an interesting cost-saving measure, one must say.

Arc A380 Hunter, Source: Acer

The A380 is based on a full ACM-G11 GPU with 8 Xe-Cores. This particular model only offers 6GB of GDDR6 memory and a 96-bit memory bus. The offer on Amazon doesn’t have a price or release date, but you can always add the card to your wishlist.

Source: Amazon via Acer Store @momomo_us


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