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We reviewed the Acer I series of smart TVs by the company and the brand has come out with a new set of TVs ahead of the festive season. We played with the new Acer H Series Smart TV for over a week to find out what this TV is made of and if the price tag of Rs 34,999 is right for this smart telly. Let’s find out in our Acer H Series Smart TV review below.

Acer H Series Smart TV Review: Design

Setting up the Acer H Series Smart TV is very easy and users will get a sturdy pair of steel feet if they want to place it on the table. However, there’s no wall bracket in the box this time around, which was a little strange since all previous models of Acer TVs have them. Moving on, setup is very easy and in less than 15 minutes you can strap on the metal legs, top up the remote control battery and start the device.

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A remote control similar to the Acer I series is available in the box of Acer H Series Smart TVs. You can pair the remote with the TV using Bluetooth and the TV will ask you to do so when it first starts up. Place the remote control 1 meter below the TV for hassle-free connection. Then you can move it up to about 30 meters to reach the TV. The remote is well designed and has all the necessary buttons, including shortcuts to Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

The Acer H Series Smart TV we are reviewing is a 50-inch 4K display. There are also two other models – 43-inch and 55-inch (which also support 4K viewing). The smart TV is almost frameless with no borders on the top and sides. At the bottom you will find a thick silver border, which adds to the look and also sports Acer branding. This also hides downward-firing 60W speakers behind.

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Turn the TV on and you’ll find several connectivity options. These include two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, AV, Ethernet, three HDMI and one 3.5mm aux port on the right side for headphones. The power port can be found on the left side of the back panel. The back is made of plastic and seems sturdy enough to mount on the wall.

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Acer H Series Smart TV Review: Performance

Let’s move on to the more interesting Acer H Series Smart TV review. But first, let’s quickly talk about some technical details about this thin tube. The 4K Smart TV has a 64-bit Cortex-55 quad-core CPU clocked at up to 1.3GHz. This is paired with a Mali G31 GPU and 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of storage. The structure is sufficient for future improvements. Perhaps if Android 12 is announced for TVs in the coming years, you’ll be able to easily upgrade without needing extra storage.

There is an Ethernet port for internet connectivity as well as dual-band Wi-Fi. Which is for fast internet connection and buffer-free viewing. The 60W RMS sound is tuned with Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision is also available.

Speaking of which, the viewing experience on this smart TV is superb. We loved our time with him. The TV supports a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which makes it suitable for large rooms and can be enjoyed with the family. The colors are clear, and the picture is sharp. Thanks to the high contrast ratio, you get deep blacks and very beautiful colors on it. We didn’t find any ghosting on the screen, even during fast-paced sports events or action movie scenes. This is also helped by the MEMC engine this TV has, which adds frames to a very smooth viewing experience.


Android TV 11 OS supports all OTT apps and popular ones like Netflix, Prime Video etc are available on the device. More can be downloaded from Play Store. Thanks to the 2GB RAM in this smart TV, the OS experience was sluggish for us. Acer H Series Smart TV won’t load even when 3-4 OTT apps are open in background.

The sound does perfect justice to the ultra-bright LED screen. In this price bracket, users usually find 20-30W speakers, but at 60W, you’ll get a lot of good sound vibrations in a virtual surround sound setup. As we said, the audio is processed with Dolby Atmos so that the virtual effect can be heard through the speakers. The settings menu is also full of great options for users to customize the screen according to their viewing preferences.

In operation mode, the TV consumes 120W of power, which is typical in this class.

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The verdict

So, at a price of Rs 34,999, is this TV the right choice for you? Acer India TVs have come a long way and we have to start by saying that there is a strong upward trend from the first TV we reviewed last year to the Acer H Series Smart TV. There is a lot of improvement not only in the build quality but also in the picture and sound department. Great effort by the Incal team and the engineer shows. If you are looking for a large smart 4K TV, you can easily pick this up at an affordable price with Acer India TV.

Acer H Series Smart TV Pros

Good sound and picture

Well built

Dual band Wi-Fi support

Acer H Series Smart TV Cons

The design is similar to others

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