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Incal Technologies, the official licensee of the Acer brand, has entered the smart TV business in India for just over a year.

Recently, the company has launched another new I-series Smart TV in four sizes – 32 inches (HD) in the sub-continent at a price between Rs 19,990 and Rs 47,990.

I’ve been using the 43-inch model (Rs 34,990) for about a week and here are my thoughts on the new Acer Smart TV.

Design and build quality;
The new Acer 4K TV features a slim design language. It has uniform thin ridges around the sides and top. Basically, it has a slightly thick chin with Acer branding in the middle, but it does not affect the visual beauty of the TV in any way.

Acer I-Series Android Smart TV. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Also, it has premium metal around the edges which gives stability to the construction. It has a minimal design on the back and the company has ensured that all the connectivity features are present on one side and the power port on the other.

Back side view of Acer I-series Android Smart TV. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Each port is clearly labeled with a name to help users avoid plugging in the wrong cables. It has one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, one LAN port, one antenna cable port, one digital audio optical port, three HDMI ports, a 3.5mm audio jack and a mini audio AV port. On the other hand, it has a two-point power port (100 – 240Vac). It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi (2.5GHz and 5GHz).

The company offers both wall mounted devices and table stands with retail box. Owners can install it themselves or call customer care to set them up.

Acer I-Series Android Smart TV. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

I myself set up an Acer TV with table stands. The company provides two screws for each stop. They are made of polycarbonate material and are very strong. Once the pegs are glued in place, the TV sits steady on the flat surface and won’t wobble.

User-interface and performance
Setting up the Acer I-series Android TV was easy. You don’t need to be a tech savvy person to do this. Once you turn on the TV, you will be asked to pair the TV remote control via Bluetooth wireless connection. He was able to get control right away.

Acer I-Series Android Smart TV. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

The next step is to connect your Android phone through the Home app and invoke Google Assistant and say the phrase — ‘Hey Google, set up my TV’. And, just follow the instructions on the TV screen and phone display and you’ll be completely set up in less than 15 minutes.

It comes with built-in Chromecast and runs Android 11 TV OS and the user interface is very simple. Thanks to a card-like layout on the home screen, it’s easy to find apps and event content. Also, the TV supports over 5000 apps including OTTs like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar+Disney and many more.

Acer I-Series Android Smart TV. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Users can also make video calls through the Google Duo app. And capture the phone’s home screen on the TV.

Inside, the Acer TV is powered by a 64-bit class quad-core processor with an ARM Mali G31 graphics processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

On the front, the TV has a 43-inch UHD (Ultra High Definition) display panel with a resolution of 3840×2160p. Supporting Wide Color Gamut+ and HDR10+ with HLG, the TV promises to enhance multimedia content with more natural and vivid colors for a better immersive viewing experience.

Description text

Acer TV supports 4K Upscaling technology. Even if the content is 1080p or lower, the TV can upscale the video quality for better viewing. It also comes with digital noise

Reduction, Micro Dimming, Intelligent Frame Stabilization Engine (IFSE), Dynamic Signal Calibration (DSC) and Super Brightness, ensure that the colors of the titles in the movie or any multimedia content are vibrant on the eyes.

It also features a blue light reduction feature. As we see on the smartphone, the technology reduces the blue light emission when activated and reduces the strain on the eyes when watching content a lot at night.

Will it be able to deliver the goods? Yes, he does an amazing job. I had a great time watching nature documentaries with the Acer I-series TV. As you can see from the pictures of the TV, the colors look rich, the green is green (other shades, too, look real) and the black is black. The details in the shadows of the objects are also distinguished, which provides a wonderful viewing experience.

Acer I-series Android Smart TV from side angle. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Also, there is a slight reflection when viewed from side angles.

Another notable feature of the new Acer TV is the high-fidelity 30W speakers, which is rare among affordable smart TVs, which often come with lower-end speakers (max 20W) due to cost-cutting.

Here, Acer TV offers good sound quality with Dolby Audio system. The louder the volume, the more it reverberated throughout the living room and there was very little distortion.

As for the remote control, it is very comfortable and the buttons are tactile and responsive. The buttons are easy to reach even for people with small hands.

The remote has direct shortcuts for four popular OTT apps — Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and YouTube.

Acer I-series Android Smart TV Remote Control. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

If your household has four or five members, I recommend a Wi-Fi router speed of at least 100Mbps to still be able to stream high-quality multimedia content and other smart devices like phones and laptops without buffering. Stable wireless internet connection.

Final thoughts

Overall, the new Acer I-series TV is a very good value for money smart television.

However, there is stiff competition in the smart TV business in India. According to Counterpoint Research (Q1,20220), the top two are Xiaomi (& Redmi with 14 percent share), Samsung (13 percent share), and others LG (8 percent), OnePlus (7 percent). and Sony (5 percent). ) are stepping up the competition.

The remaining 53 percent market share is shared by TCL, Vu, Realme and others. However, with the new i-series, Acer could make a big mark in the industry if they can create awareness among consumers, most of whom only know the Taiwan-based company as a computer maker.

Prices of the new Acer I-series TVs — Rs 19,990 for the 32-inch model, Rs 34,990 for the 43-inch TV, Rs 40,990 for the 50-inch television and Rs 47,990 for the 55-inch model.

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