Acer Intel Arc GPUs come to the rescue with a ‘cool’ new design | Techy Kings


We are a few days away from Intel’s new launch Arch desktop graphics cardsThe A770 and A750, with an October 12 release date, are cheek by jowl with Nvidia. RTX 4090 launch. As well as Microsoft’s theme day, Google Cloud’s next event and Amazon Prime Day 2. If you need me that day, you can find me sobbing in the box of nuggets behind my local McDonald’s.

My good eating habits aside, there is some interesting new information that has come out regarding Intel. Very damaged GPU line. Completely out of left field, Acer has announced that it will make a dedicated GPU for desktop computers, and not in collaboration with Nvidia or AMD: no, Acer’s first-ever graphics card will be the Arc A770.


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