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The Acer Swift Edge is so lightweight you’ll wonder if you keep it in your bag when you go out to work or class. It weighs 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg) and is only 14 millimeters (0.6 inches) thick. It’s the weight you’d expect for a small 13-inch laptop, not a large 16-inch screen like the Swift Edge.

Like other PC makers, many of Acer’s laptops for 2022 are designed for people who work from home, the office, or a little bit of both. And maybe at a bar or on a plane, bus or train sometimes too. Although the Swift Edge requires more desk space compared to its 16-inch display. Dell XPS 13, is surprisingly compact. I had no problem using it on a cramped commuter train and it was great to be able to quickly stuff it into my bag at my stop.

Acer Swift Edge SFA16-41 laptop opened on a wooden table.

Two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a full-size HDMI 2.1 output and a combo headphone jack give you plenty of connectivity options.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, the Swift Edge is remarkably similar LG Gram 16. The Acer is a bit thinner and weighs a touch less, though. I love how light it is, the weight of the Swift Edge is a double edged sword.

Even if you want lightweight devices, there is a point where a laptop is too light and considered cheap or flimsy. The alloy used for the chassis is twice as thick as standard aluminum, Acer says. There’s a bit of flex in the lid, but overall the Swift Edge feels stiff and solid. Regardless, it’s hard not to equate weight with durability and some may feel the Swift Edge is flimsy or even plasticky. To be clear, the Swift Edge is made of metal and should stand up to the daily commute.

The first configuration model in the US is the SFA16-41-R7SU for $1,500 and is well equipped for an office or school.

  • 2.7GHz AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor
  • Integrated AMD Radeon graphics
  • 16GB LPDDR5 onboard memory
  • 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe solid-state drive
  • Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2

This model is currently only available from Costco in the US. The same configuration is available in the UK for £1,499. Pricing and availability for Australia were not immediately available, but the UK price will be around AU$2,610. The price includes a 16-inch (16:10) 4K (3,480×2,400 pixels) OLED display with 400-nit brightness and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. The display is also VESA True Black HDR500 certified with a maximum brightness of 616 nits with HDR.

Acer Swift Edge SFA16-41 laptop opened on a wooden table.

The keyboard is short compared to the rest of the Swift Edge.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Swift Edge is finally available with AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 U-series processors. AMD Pro processors have built-in Microsoft Pluto Security Chip for chip-to-cloud protection for your data and identity. Based on the security architecture used in the Xbox One game console, Pluto adds better protection against physical attacks and firmware attacks, as it receives regular firmware updates as part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday.

Now that we’ve started testing the Acer Swift Edge, we’ll be back with a full review with benchmarks and battery test results. According to Acer’s test results, it competes with similar laptops we’ve tested running on an Intel Core i7-1280P with 16GB of DDR5 memory. Display brightness is maintained at 50% battery life for up to 10 hours; OLED displays are generally not good for battery life and this seems to be no different.

Acer Swift Edge SFA16-41 laptop opened on a wooden table.

The folding design uses the bottom edge to lift the back for better cooling and typing.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The rest of the Acer Swift Edge is pretty good. There is a fingerprint reader on the power button. The speakers above the keyboard output sound loud and clear. Acer has built in a 1080p webcam that is capable of sharp, detailed video even in low light. There is no physical or electronic webcam shutter, but there is a mic mute on the keyboard.

The keyboard is by far the weakest part of the laptop. Some of the keys are smaller than I’m used to seeing on a laptop this size. Some of them seemed to be higher than others and had a slight break. It could just be an early product sample or a sign that I have such a thin foundation underneath. The touchpad, on the other hand, felt good overall, with a pleasingly smooth finish. It also has an anti-microbial coating.

If you’re tired of working with a small laptop screen but don’t want to settle for a larger display with a larger, heavier laptop, the Acer Swift Edge solves that problem. And it has a gorgeous OLED screen to boot.


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