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Adriot Auto

Adroit Auto Inspection Services has launched the ADROIT 3.0 mobile app with new features and functionality for buyers and sellers of used vehicles and equipment.

The successor of the successful mobile application Adroit 2.0, the new version meets the current requirements for a user-friendly interface, better user experience and ease of use.

Jyoti Jain, CEO, Adroit Auto, said the new app uses a completely new user interface, ensures a clear user experience, and the latest algorithms offer consistent results to reduce process latency.

Notably, the company said that Adroit 2.0 has demonstrated its prowess by handling more than five thousand cases in a short period of time.

On the client side, Adroit 3.0 offers an information showcase with structured reports, such as a comparison of vehicle information now presented in tabular form.

In addition, the vehicle evaluation algorithm works based on the weight and scores of the different components of the vehicle. Additionally, users can access Vahaan-authorized verification data with a single click, and logged-in users no longer need to log in frequently. It also allows users to track their activity on a new dashboard.

Meanwhile, on the dealer and partner side, the new app offers hassle-free on-site inspection with a clear interface with key features accessible with just one tap.

Adroit 3.0 supports native languages, which until now were only available via dial-up. In addition, a brand new time management feature with meeting scheduling option increases user productivity.

Sameer Malhotra, Director and Managing Director, Shriram Automall India Limited, noted that the new features are designed to increase user productivity and will further reduce the time it takes to complete checkout processes.

Manish Panjwani, CTO, Shriram Automall India Limited said, “Technology is the way forward for humanity and the Adroit 3.0 platform is a technological marvel in the inspection and testing industry.”

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