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ALBUQUERQUE, NM — There are new social media posts in New Mexico and beyond about a potential tactic traffickers are using to target their next victim.

Posters say they find ties on their cars when they come out of stores, believing it’s a sign they’re going to be targeted.

“None of it is true, and none of it exists, and none of it is happening,” said Christine Barber, executive director and co-founder of Street Safe New Mexico, an organization that helps victims of trafficking. She shut down the possibility immediately.

“They’re not going to target you when you walk into Costco. They’re not going to put a tag on your car, that’s not how it works,” Barber said.

She has worked with victims for fifteen years.

She is well versed in how traffickers choose their victims, and says it usually includes grooming. She encourages you to watch your family—daughters, sisters, even your best friends—for signs that they might be someone’s next victim.

Barber says if a guy seems too good to be true, chances are he is.

“This can take weeks, this can take months. After the grooming process, the trafficking victim thinks they have, often they think they have this amazing relationship with the trafficker,” says Barber. She says 50% of trafficking victims are trafficked by their families.

“While we’re looking at zippers on random doors in the middle of parking lots and we’re all upset that the traffickers are actually getting away with it because we’re not looking in the right place.”

It’s important to think twice before believing the first post you see on TikTok or the Nextdoor app about something like this.

“Use that fear well. Or change it – and do it, I’m going to inform. So the next time you see someone say I have a tie on my car, I got a white dot on my car, in the parking lot – turn them off Social Media.”

For more information on Street Safe New Mexico, click here.


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