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Almost a week after Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Pandey had to leave a promotional event in Mumbai mid-way due to overcrowding, something similar happened in Patna on Saturday. A huge crowd of students and fans gathered at a college in Patna to watch Vijay, who was once again forced to leave the event before it got out of hand. Also read: Liger Song Disasters: Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Pandey Get Romantic on the Beach, Crazy Camerawork Adds to the Mood

Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala shared a video of the frenzy of fans at a college in Patna and wrote on Twitter, “Excitement is genuine for Vijay Deverakonda and his film – #Liger. Massive superstar once again. A promotional event had to be abandoned when a commotion broke out in a college in Patna, eager to meet the star himself!

The video shows Vijay, in a white shirt, being led out among a crowd of hundreds of fans who had gathered at a college to watch him during a promotional event for Liger.

Another video shared by a trade analyst shows Vijay standing on a high podium in front of a large crowd. He is seen saying in Hindi, “We love you all so much (I love you all so much)”.

Last Sunday, Vijay and Ananya had to leave Liger’s promotional event midway due to an uncontrollable crowd at Navi Mumbai’s Nexus Seawoods mall. Some videos of the event showed a fan fainting in the crowd, prompting organizers to end it. Dharma Productions also said in a statement that the team had to leave the event mid-way due to security concerns.

Hours later, Vijay took to his Instagram Stories to ask his fans if he was “safe and back home”. He wrote, “Your love has touched me. Hope you are all safe and back home. I wish I could have been there with you all a lot longer. Thinking of you all at bedtime. Good night.” Mumbai.”

Directed by Puri Jagannath, Liger features Vijay as an underdog fighter from Mumbai, who competes in the MMA championship. It also stars Ramya Krishnan and Makrand Deshpande and has an extended cameo by Mike Tyson. The film will hit theaters on August 25 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.


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