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Due to rising energy prices, three mobile operators in Latvia have decided to increase prices, reports LTV.

New prices of Bitės and Latvijas Mobilais Telefono (LMT) from November 1. On the other hand, Tele2 will increase prices from December 1.

Prices will increase for all tariff plans of the three largest operators of mobile networks in Latvia. “Bitė” will increase prices by 1.75 euros, “Tele2” by 1-2 euros, and LMT reports that prices for private individuals will increase by an average of 2 euros.

The companies deny claims of a possible collusion. The Latvian Competition Council notes that the price increases were likely not coordinated in advance. However, it is clear that companies monitor each other’s business decisions.

Mārtiņš Čerļenoks, a senior expert at the Competition Council’s Analytics Department, explained that the telecommunications sector is a market structure considered an oligopoly, which means that there are few players in this market.

In this market structure, firms don’t make prices – they set prices. Moreover, they all depend on each other.

Moreover, the market is transparent. That may explain why prices have to be raised relatively simultaneously, he said.

The Center for the Protection of Consumer Rights notes that tat operators can change prices before valid contracts expire. Users must be informed about changes in service prices no later than one month in advance. The operators did it.


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