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No reason to panic: 2022 December 8 Germany will receive another official warning (Warntag). From sirens to emergency text alerts, here’s what you can expect during the day.

This is what the text of the German emergency warning will look like

in 2022 December 8 is another official German warning day (Warntag). Last week, mobile phone companies such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica (O2) sent a warning message to their customers. However, on December 8 all people in Germany with a cell phone will receive a warning text message from the Catastrophe Warning System Cell Broadcast.

The system will be tested in 294 rural areas and 106 municipalities in all federal lands at 11 am. If you have a compatible phone, the alert will appear as a large notification on your lock screen. You don’t need to have an internet connection on your phone or install one of the German hazard warning apps like NINA or KATWARN to receive the notification. Regardless of whether your mobile phone is on silent or vibrate mode, the notification will sound with a warning tone.

First German officer Warntag took place in 2020 on September 10, but was declared a failure after people delayed the app’s warning messages by half an hour. Sending emergency messages to all people, not just those registered with the help program, was a step the German government planned for after 2021. Floods in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, which claimed more than 180 lives.

What other warning notices will be issued in Germany?

In addition to phone and app alerts, there will also be alerts posted on billboards and TV screens throughout the day. These alerts are intended to alert residents of emergencies and life-threatening situations such as extreme weather, fires or attacks, or disruptions to essential supply systems such as electricity and gas, water, internet or telephone.

People in Germany were told they didn’t have to do anything when December 8th. a warning sounds, but it’s good to know what will happen so that no one feels alarmed and you know what to do if it really is a life emergency. When hearing a siren outside of a testing scenario, it is advised to inform about the situation via radio, television, social networks or an alert app and follow the recommendations.

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