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Ask about the event

Ambassador Degnan: Today we celebrate another milestone in the Georgia-US economic partnership with the investment from the United States Development Finance Corporation of $8.6 million to help build the new Adjara Abastumani Rooms hotel. This is a very exciting project in the Samtskhe Javakheti region. We expect this project, which is an eco-friendly hotel, will generate nearly 300 good jobs in the region, attract approximately $3.5 million in additional investment, and generate close to $2.5 million in annual sales and revenue. It is a great stimulus for the Samtskhe Javakheti region. I was just in Samtskhe Javakheti last week. It’s a beautiful part of Georgia and there are a lot of really entrepreneurial business people who will have a chance to see their businesses grow and who will see more good jobs come out to the region as a result of projects like this. For 30 years, the United States has invested in Georgia’s economic development through the Development Finance Corporation and others. DFC has invested over $800 million in Georgian projects, but many of them have been here in Tbilisi. This Abastumani Rooms hotel will be one of the first in the region, and we are very excited about it. It’s also a project that has involved USAID grants, so it’s a good example not only of Georgia-US partnerships, but of DFC, USAID and the US Embassy working together to support Georgia’s economic development. I look forward to staying at this new hotel in 2024 when it opens, and we will continue to work with Georgia to create new jobs and stimulate the economy.

Question about legal study tours

Ambassador Degnan: I have had the privilege of meeting many of Georgia’s judges at all court levels over the last year or so of my time here, including in the regionals. I have heard from all of them about their exchanges with the US, the study visits and the trainings here. We bring American judges here for these judges to exchange best practices and lessons learned. What I’ve heard from all of them is that they would be interested in more field trips, more training, more of these kinds of exchanges because it’s so valuable when judges come together and share what works well in their courtrooms, how they have shopped. with different challenges, and it’s just a very rich exchange of views. So our impression is that this training and these exchanges have been very well received, have contributed a lot to the efforts to modernize Georgia’s legal system. That is what the US has been doing for many years. Georgia has seen important progress in improving the efficiency of its judiciary. What is needed now is to continue that work. This is evident from the 12 priorities that the EU has set out. This is the same work that has been on Georgia’s agenda for some time, and the United States is very proud to support Georgia’s judges in their efforts to improve the operation and efficiency of their courtrooms and their ability to administer the law based on the evidence before them, and without interference.


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