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PATNA: With 102 new cases reported in the state, including 82 in Patna alone, in the last 24 hours, dengue threatens the majority of the population in and around the state capital.
State Program Officer of Health Department Dr Vinay SharmaA total of 1,838 confirmed dengue cases have been reported across the state since January, including 1,076 in Patna alone, it said on Thursday.
He said that dengue cases have increased almost tenfold in the last four weeks.
While the number of dengue cases in the state was 160 on September 2, it rose to 1,838 on Thursday.
Explaining the reason for this, Dr. Sharma said that sporadic rainfall and rainwater accumulation in small pits, open sewage chambers, empty pots and containers on roofs and used tires can breed dengue virus-carrying mosquitoes. prove to be ideal locations for
“Though municipal bodies and the health department are doing their preventive exercises, public awareness and involvement count a lot to prevent this serious health problem,” he said, adding that all districts have Guidelines for spot identification and fumigation have been issued. and other measures to eliminate the eggs and larvae of Aedes mosquitoes.
Patna Civil Surgeon Dr Opinion of K “One case each in Patna’s suburbs like Maner, Dunyawan, Danapur and Sampchak also came up on Thursday,” he said.
He said, “The dengue hotspots identified in Patna are Kankarbagh, Azimabad, Bhikhanapahari, Patna City, Alamganj and Bankipur. Health department teams were fogging a radius of 500 meters from the identified hotspots as well as spraying larvicide.
Dr Roy appealed to people to keep their surroundings clean and ensure that water does not accumulate even for a single day as it can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Five new dengue patients were admitted to Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) on Thursday. A total of 15 patients are under treatment in dengue ward.
Three children admitted to the dengue ward of Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH) were discharged after recovery on Wednesday.
IGIMS Superintendent Dr. Manish Mandal said that eight dengue patients, including three new patients admitted on Thursday, are under treatment. The total samples tested at IGIMS on Thursday were 76 of which 39 were positive for dengue. Mandal admitted that dengue positivity has increased sharply in the past two months.
Director of LNJP Super Specialty Hospital Dr. Subhash Chandrasaid: “Though there was no admission, long queues of viral fever patients could be seen in the OPD of the hospital every day.”


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