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It is no secret that the mainstream media remains largely silent on the corruption and controversies of the AAP government in Delhi, and lies by AAP leaders are never exposed by media houses. It has been widely believed that the lack of negative news about AAP in the media is directly related to the AAP government’s massive expenditure on advertisements published in newspapers and TV channels. Now journalist and AAP founder Ashutosh has confirmed this.

Participates in The Roundtable with Priya Sahgal show on NewsX channel Ashutosh made explosive revelations while discussing the topic of ‘decoding the Gujarat campaign’ for the upcoming Gujarat elections. He said the moment any media house publishes negative news about AAP, advertisement of that media house is immediately stopped by AAP government and AAP dominated Delhi Assembly takes initiative against such media house on any pretext. Ashutosh also said that while PM Modi is accused of manipulating the media, Arvind Kejriwal is actually better in that regard.

While talking about Arvind Kejriwal making headlines, Ashutosh said that AAP is known for all kinds of advertisements, as the party has learned techniques of media management from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ashutosh said: ‘I can speak from my own experience. In Delhi, if you talk to local Hindi papers or English papers, all the editors will shut up. They are so afraid of him (Arvind Kejriwal), and they will not publish any anti-Arvind Kejriwal story on the front page.

The politician-turned-journalist further said, “(if they publish an anti-Kejriwal story), literally the very next day either the ad is withdrawn, or on some allegation, the assembly committee will call them and hold them. So it’s very good management in that sense, and after winning Punjab I think they are also pumping a lot of money in terms of media management and control in that sense.”

Ashutosh said Narendra Modi is unnecessarily being blamed for such things when there are other players doing the same. “And they’re even better in that sense,” he added. Ashutosh said he will not name editors, but if you talk to them off the record, they will tell you what is happening in Delhi.

The journalist noted that while Arvind Kejriwal has projected himself as an alternative to Narendra Modi, the fact is that the party has a single MP in the Lok Sabha. He also said that the party is all about Kejriwal, the reason why it has failed in assembly and municipal elections in Delhi.

What Ashutosh said about using advertisements to twist media can be easily verified by the fact that Aam Aadmi Party is known for saturation advertising campaigns in print and electronic media. The party and its government in Delhi often run full-page advertisements in all major newspapers across India, in all editions. The party also airs advertisements on television channels in such frequency that it becomes annoying to the viewers. On several occasions, advertisements for the Delhi government campaign appeared on TV several times in an hour, on several news channels.

Ashutosh was a founding member of the AAP and served on the party’s highest decision-making body, the Political Affairs Committee. But he resigned from the party in 2018, citing “personal reasons”. His resignation came after he was not selected for the Rajya Sabha elections by AAP that year.

Later, he accused the party leaders of indulging in caste politics. He said his surname was prominently displayed by the party during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, where he had contested from Chandni Chowk. He said the party used his surname in the campaign despite his opposition.

Ashutosh had also said in his 23 years of journalism, no one asked him his surname and caste, and it was his own party that tried to exploit his surname for political benefits.


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