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Bank of America cardholders can earn 2x rewards when using their card on Nov 5.

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  • If you’re a Bank of America cardholder, you can boost your credit card rewards by shopping on Nov. 5.
  • Eligible consumer and small business credit cardholders can earn bonus rewards in addition to the rewards they already earn with their card.

Bank of America is celebrating its loyal cardholders with a special bonus rewards day this November. All consumer and small business credit cardholders can earn extra rewards when they use their cards to shop on November 5th. Do you have a Bank of America credit card in your wallet? Learn how to increase your credit card rewards.

Rewards credit cards offer excellent incentives for paying with a credit card. You can do your usual shopping and earn cashback and other valuable rewards. It’s like getting paid to use your credit card and requires almost no extra effort from you.

Introducing Another Reward Day

Bank of America recently announced the first Another Reward Day. Cardholders using eligible Bank of America credit cards can earn additional rewards on this date. Who doesn’t like that?

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Consumer and small business credit cardholders will automatically earn 2% cash back, two points per $1 or two miles per $1 in addition to the rewards they normally earn with their card. Bonus rewards will be automatically applied to their account.

This offer applies to all purchases made with an eligible Bank of America credit card from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Saturday, Nov. 5. Purchases must have a transaction date of November 5th to qualify for increased rewards.

Keep in mind that Bank of America Preferred Rewards members will earn their Preferred Rewards bonus on their total purchases, not on additional bonuses earned for this promotion.

A recent Bank of America survey found that 51% of Americans plan to do most of their holiday shopping on or before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Another Reward Day may encourage more people to complete their holiday shopping lists earlier.

Anytime you get a chance to automatically earn extra reward points, it’s a win for your wallet. If you’re a Bank of America cardholder, this is an easy way to earn extra rewards by completing some purchases you plan to make.

Of course, the best practice is to keep your budget in mind and only spend what you can afford when using a credit card. Don’t risk going into credit card debt to get some bonus points.

Maximize your earnings with a cashback app

The credit card rewards boost is a win, but shopping with a Bank of America card on November 5 isn’t the only way to maximize your rewards. Be sure to take advantage of the cashback app and cashback browser extension to increase your rewards.

You can earn cash back rewards when you shop online and in person at your favorite retailers. Once you have enough cash back, you can request cash out and use your earnings to shop for free — or fill your savings account with some extra funds. It’s just that simple.

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