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Editor’s summary

– A better learning environment with superior energy performance contributes to increased learning and productivity.
– Reducing energy consumption benefits the environment, the economy and the education sector.
– Acer, in collaboration with the independent specialist PX3, conducts a measurement of devices to evaluate their energy consumption level.
– Choose from the best Acer durable solutions: Chromebooks or the Vero range.

London, UK – September 2022. It’s often easy to give up on energy-saving efforts when you’re not paying your electricity bill. But teachers and administrators can diligently make a few changes to create more energy-efficient schools. Moreover, inviting students to use energy in an environmentally friendly way allows them to save energy at school and practice energy conservation at home. It goes without saying that a better learning environment with superior energy performance contributes to increased learning and productivity. This is not only important for environmental protection but also economically and educationally.

Green Choices.

Schools have a responsibility to encourage future drivers of change towards greener lifestyles and choices. Choosing sustainable tools and solutions for educational purposes means being a strong example of responsibility. Indeed, end-user computing is known to contribute significantly to environmental pollution and climate change, accounting for 1% of global emissions not through production and disposal, but up to 50% through “use”. In order to support school finances and the planet, Acer has partnered with independent expert PX3 to measure devices to assess their energy consumption levels.

Acer Chromebooks.

First, when you choose an Acer Chromebook, you’re choosing a device designed for schools and ready for the planet. Devices like the Acer Chromebook 511 or Chromebook 512 feature a touchpad made entirely of ocean-bound plastic, known as OceanGlass. Chromebook Spin 311 reduces energy use and related emissions by 70% compared to a typical Windows device. Second, a selective chassis coating covers post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials from recycled plastic waste. Last but not least, all of our Chromebooks come in 100% recycled packaging.

Vero Region.

Acer strives to empower teachers, students and IT administrators to make their own green mark with green PCs and eco-friendly laptops designed to help achieve sustainable goals in their institutions. With that in mind, Acer has designed the Vero family of green appliances, made using post-consumer (PCR) plastic and 100% recyclable packaging, to reduce our carbon footprint. The Aspire Vero, TravelMate Vero, Chromebook Vero notebooks and Veriton Vero mini desktop and Vero BR7 display are perfect solutions for schools looking for a device to greenlight college or university classrooms.


A combined effort by students, teachers, staff and administrators can have a huge impact on reducing energy waste in schools. In turn, the entire energy infrastructure and the planet will be positively affected. The benefits of upgrading from low-cost measures like turning off lights to new energy-efficient appliances are environmental, economic and educational.


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