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Patna: In these very adverse conditions when others would have been doomed, these brave girls are adding a new meaning to life! Believe it or not, at least 24 girls were sent to a different bar. Child care homes Due to various reasons in the state, he faced difficulties to shape his own destiny.
Many of these child trafficking survivors have buried their horrific pasts and started a new life. These girls do not know their families or have lost contact with them completely. He started crying when asked about his family. He is now working in a multinational pastry and bakery chain factory in Patna and also running cafeterias in leading government institutions.
Dhara (name changed), 18, who ran out of one. Child care Home in Patna, piecing his life together. Despite her strong protests, she was married at the age of 15 to a man four times her age and father of 10 children. The torture on her started from the day she reached her in-laws. When she complained to her parents, she was told to accommodate.
“As the situation got out of hand, I ran away from my in-laws’ house and reached Mumbai. I was shifted to Asha Sadan from where I was sent to a childcare home in Patna. I found my life ruined. , but never lost faith. I thought that if I surrendered to circumstances, everything would be ruined. Today, I am running a cake outlet,” Dhara told TOI. She adds, “When one is closed, God always keeps another door open. So, one should never lose faith.”
Twenty-year-old Lakshmi (name changed) from Assam lost her parents at a young age and left home one day to work at a local shop and earn a living for her four sisters and one brother. . She was the youngest among them. But while returning home, she lost track of her home and her life turned into hell. She was only 8 years old at that time. She then boarded a train to Delhi from where she reached Mumbai. He too was sent back to Patna where he was shifted to a childcare home near Gaighat. “I found my world shattered, but now everything is on track,” she said. She also works in the same cake factory.
Miraculous changes took place in their lives, thanks to a young lawyer, Neha Singh, who freed these girls from childcare homes after getting permission from the social welfare department. “During my internship at a child care home, I saw a terrible situation there and decided to save the girls who had reached the age of 18. I asked the then director of social welfare. Met, had several meetings with him and discussed his rehabilitation,” 26-year-old Neha told TOI.
Eventually, she took 24 girls and moved them to a building in rural Patna to give them basic training on how to live, behave and dress. They were also given job training after which these girls got jobs in cake factories, outlets and various cafeterias run in educational institutions.
Neha added, “I am so happy to see the smiles on their faces. They are like my family members.”
Suresh Kumar, executive director of Center Direct, a Bihar-based organization that rebuilds the lives of child trafficking survivors, said, “Children who live in institutional care are not allowed to live independently before they turn 18. You need to be prepared.”


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