Bihar’s poorest MLA, Ram Rakesh Sada, demolished a government-built house in Patna after getting it | Techy Kings


A video has surfaced online in which Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLA from Bihar’s Alauli, Ram Rakesh Sada, gets emotional after handing over the keys to a government residence in Patna.

Sada, who is also the poorest MLA in the Bihar Assembly, was recently allotted a three-storey residence at Bir Chand Patel Path in Patna.

After getting a new house, MLA broke down.

In the video, Sada can be seen getting emotional and struggling for words as he was overwhelmed by the government’s gift.

“I am the poorest MLA in Bihar. Whenever a poor person gets something, it is Diwali for him. Now that the chief minister has handed over the keys to my house, the house I am looking at Yes, I have never dreamed in my life, that’s why I am getting emotional. I come from a caste. Lalu Prasad Yadav made me a leader and an MLA,” said Sada in the viral video. can be heard saying.

Lived in a two-room house.

Sada, a first-time MLA, lives in a two-room house in his village Rawan in Khagadia, built in 2004 under the Indira Awas Yojana, and shares it with his family of five sons and a daughter. Included.

Sada was among the eight MLAs who got possession of their houses as part of the Bihar government’s Housing Project for MLAs.

70,000 MLA with assets of Rs

In the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, Sada had declared the value of his assets at Rs 70,000.Out of which Rs 25,000 was cash and Rs 5,000 belonged to his wife.

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