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In many cases where BlackBerry is called upon to help solve security challenges, we find that organizations struggle with mobile device management solutions that have been “packaged” with a larger suite of products – most of which have little or no relevance to solving mobility problems.

These packages or “platforms” can include everything from desktop and server operating systems to e-mail. email, office productivity programs and much more. The mobile device management applications included in these giant enterprise software platform offerings are typically MDM (Mobile Device Management) or MAM (Mobile Application Management) products. These bundled MDM or MAM packages can be offered as a low-cost or low-cost solution to address and secure the growing population of mobile devices in your environment.

But even “Free“things have their price.

If you look closely, you’ll see that these MDM and MAM solutions cover some of the basics, but lack some or all of the important features I listed in my recent blog. In these situations, we encourage customers to consider supplementing these mobile device management apps with a more reliable offering. Specifically, we recommend layering a highly secure, specialized and purpose-built UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) system, e.g. BlackBerry® UEM – on an existing MDM or MAM solution. It can enhance and add value to what you already have, or rather, address mobile security holes and gaps that could leave your organization vulnerable.

For example, some of the world’s largest banks have implemented our UEM to enhance their existing MDM or MAM solutions. In addition to closing security holes and providing seamless encrypted connectivity to the apps and assets their workforce needs most, it’s critical for them to achieve and maintain the highest security and privacy standards in a highly regulated industry.

So if your mobile phone management provider is also your OS vendor – and your e-mail your mail and productivity suite vendor, maybe your endpoint security vendor, but also your cloud vendor and… well, I think you get my point. It may seem like combining all of those things adds up to a lot. But even if you paid nothing, you can still make a difference in areas that are critical to your organization. As the people who literally wrote the book on how to manage and secure a remote workforce and BYOD, we’re always happy to assess your environment and identify risks – especially in areas like mobility that may not be in your platform vendor’s core competency.

Our philosophy is to work together with those universal “one-size-fits-all” solutions, not to imitate them. We do this with best-of-breed products that offer you and your employees a great user experience and a secure environment – ​​so they can work unfettered, remotely or on-site, unhindered by the growing threats in the vast cyberspace environment.

That’s what we call success.


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