Chhath Puja mobile application launched to help devotees in Patna. | Techy Kings


Patna administration launched ‘Chhath Puja’ mobile application on Thursday for the convenience of devotees and easy access to information.

The four-day Chhath festival will begin on Friday with the ritual of ‘Nahay Khaye’.

The mobile application will help local people to get information about the list of safe and unsafe ghats, parking lots, GPS navigation and contact details of posted officials.

Patna District Magistrate Chandra Shekhar Singh flagged off 22 water tankers for domestic distribution of holy water in different areas for the next two days.

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He said, “Patna Municipal Corporation will distribute holy water doorstep which is required to prepare ‘prasad’ and perform rituals during Chhat festival. Preparations are in full swing at all ghats. Concerned authorities have been informed on Thursday night. has been asked to complete all preparations till

Besides, the district administration has declared at least 16 Ganga ghats unsafe for Chhath Puja while elaborate arrangements are being made for 89 ghats and 45 ponds to celebrate the festival.

Singh said that identified unsafe ghats will remain closed for safety purpose for people.

Unprotected ghats include Nadyal Ghat, Banus Ghat, Collectorate Ghat, Mahendru Ghat, TN Banerjee Ghat, Anta Ghat, Adalat Ghat, and Kela Ghat due to high water level and swampy river banks.

“The barricading of the ghats has been completed. Basic facilities like separate toilets for men and women, clean drinking water, change room, shade and parking are being constructed. At the ghats for close monitoring of the crowd. CCTV cameras have been installed”, said a senior officer of the district administration.

Meanwhile, devotees thronged local markets to buy fruits, vegetables and puja items to perform religious rituals.

Ramesh, a shopkeeper near Station Road, said, “I have sold around 50 clay stoves since Diwali. The sale of bamboo baskets, trays and dura has also picked up. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, I had a lot last year. A great loss had to be borne.


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