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PRESS RELEASE: China Mobile Guangxi has partnered with Huawei to test an innovative 700MHz Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) multi-antenna solution in the Beibu Bay area of ​​Qingdao, Guangxi Province. Local tests showed that the average connection speed at the cell edge and the coverage distance increase by 50.4% and 25%, respectively. This solution helps build a high-quality 5G maritime network with ultra-long range and continuous coverage, bringing new vitality to the digital development of the maritime economy.

Guangxi Beibu Bay, which is an important ocean center supported by southwest China and close to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is adjacent to the international economic zone that China has built to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries. Abounding in cruise ships, law enforcement vessels, scenic seaport locations, oil drilling areas, and fisheries, 5G coverage is an urgent necessity to support individual services and industrial applications involving high-value users. To this end, China Mobile Guangxi launched the 5G Smart Ocean Project to consolidate the construction of a 5G Smart Ocean network in Beibu Bay using the 700 MHz frequency band.

China Mobile Guangxi and Huawei have tested an innovative 700 MHz BLOS multi-antenna solution in Beibu Bay, Qingdao. The solution combines two 4-port antennas and two 4T RRUs to form 8-channel elements on the baseband side to achieve 4T8R, which significantly improves uplink coverage. The results showed that users can enjoy a 21.7% faster connection when they are in good or moderate quality coverage. When they move close to the edges of the network, their connections can still be 50.4% faster, so they can enjoy at least 5Mbps for browsing, video calling and live streaming 26km offshore. In addition, mass communication IoT services such as 5G remote control of drones and 5G cameras are supported. Thanks to the 25% longer range of 5G, voice calls are also possible for ships to open sea areas, ensuring reliable ocean management.

The use of 5G in the open seas is making people’s lives easier and promoting the growth of various industries such as smart manufacturing, ports and wind energy. China Mobile Guangxi will continue to work with Huawei and other partners to test and explore new technologies and facilitate the digitization of the maritime industry and people’s livelihood.

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