Chirag Paswan’s response to Nitish Kumar’s brutality on his father, says his life was an open chapter | Techy Kings


Patna: Lok Jan Shakti Party (Ram Vilas) president Chirag Paswan on Tuesday objected to the personal attacks made by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar targeting his late father Ram Vilas Paswan and questioned the comments about his father. Why are they being carried out when they have always been in the open? His private and public life.

“Such statements pinch me. Why is such language being used after his death? My father was an open chap. He never hid anything in his private and public life. I am surprised that this Why are such matters being raised,” Chirag, Jamui MP told reporters in Gopalganj.

Paswan, who had gone to campaign for the BJP candidate in Gopalganj, reacted angrily to Kumar’s reference to Ram Vilas Paswan’s “second marriage in Delhi”.

Nitish Kumar taunted Paswan saying, “Biyahwa to Dusra Delhi Mein Jakar Kya Di Na” (second marriage took place in Delhi). He also called Chirag “bacha” (child).

In response, a visibly upset Chirag said: “Such statements are not befitting of your rank and stature. Is that your standard?” Born to his late father’s second wife, Chirag said and said he could never stoop to such a low level. “I never stooped to that level. I never said anything about Nitish Kumar who was not transparent about his personal life. My late father was like an open book,” said Chirag who Of late, Pashupati has reached out to his stepmother and stepsisters after being cornered by his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras.

He also made it clear that the way the Chief Minister defamed him and his family, the supporters of Ram Vilas Paswan and the voters of Mokama and Gopalganj will never forgive him.

Chirag, who is in Bihar to campaign for BJP candidates in the by-elections to two assembly constituencies on November 3, also reacted to Kumar’s comment by reminding him that “it is the same”. It was the child who blamed the JD(U) for its defeat in the Assembly polls. “This child had left you in the dust in the last assembly polls.”

Chirag said he was undoubtedly a child compared to Nitish Kumar but reminded the chief minister that “he too was a simpleton when he started his political career.”


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