Clash among students of Patna University over sovereignty dispute, investigation into three injured | Techy Kings


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The injured student is being taken to hospital.

Photo: Mirror Now Digital

PatnaIn Patna University on Tuesday, three people were injured after a riot between students of Iqbal Hostel, Jackson Hostel, Minto Hostel and Nadvi Hostel. An employee of Patna University said that the dispute was mainly about dominance in the college and several rumors of postponement of student union elections.

According to reports, the commotion became so intense that all the students of the hostel started pelting stones at each other. As a result of stone pelting, many students of all the hostels were injured. Three students have been seriously injured in the stone pelting incident.

Police personnel from Pirbahore police station responded to reports of stone pelting at the college. Fireworks were also set off here to spread fear. There have also been claims of using home-made bombs. However, police are investigating the claims.

According to Town DSP Ashok Kumar Singh, there was an argument between the students over a trivial matter.

A bomb was also reportedly used in the clash, injuring three students. According to reports, the police are trying to downplay the incident by claiming that firecrackers were used instead of conventional bombs in the encounter.


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