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Bank India offers an easy way for users to connect with the bank’s customer service and get help in resolving credit card related queries or other banking related services and products. Conventionally, banking users prefer to interact with humans through phone calls or visiting the nearest bank branch to resolve queries. Now, the process of handling customer credit card inquiries is being completed online by live agents and virtual assistants, aka chatbots—in addition to calls, emails and sms.

Remember, your experience of how inquiries are handled may vary based on the tools and resources provided by the bank that offers customer service for credit cards. While most banking services can be done online using the bank’s website or mobile app, there are AI-enabled chatbots to guide you through basic queries like reporting a lost or stolen credit card, paying bills or EMIs, transferring funds, among others.

Top Banks Offer Credit Card Customer Care

Forbes Advisor has put together a guide to help credit card users get in touch with their bank’s customer service. Be careful, credit card fraud is rampant with perpetrators trying to sneak into your personal banking data, online and offline. It is a healthy practice to stay in touch and seek relevant banking assistance from your bank’s customer service.

The above details about credit card customer service for leading banks are current as of 28 Oct. 2022. Although we update this information regularly, some banks may have introduced new tools and resources to resolve your queries since the page was last updated.

Contact Credit Card Customer Service

Live agent chat online: Several Indian banks have implemented an online live agent chat feature on their official websites to enable users to connect directly with customer representatives. Normally, one has to select their query from the listed options, verify their registered mobile number through OTP. A live agent will connect to assist. Such features are mostly reserved for users whose queries are not listed on chatbots, or FAQ support.

Virtual banking assistant (chatbot): Banks have installed chatbots, with unique names, on the homepage of their official websites while some banks, like Kotak Mahindra, require individuals to log into their internet banking sites for virtual assistance. Users can either choose from a list of provided queries, or type in manually, the responses of which are enabled with machine learning technology using artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities.

This feature allows an individual to perform queries like PIN change, fund transfer, online recharge or credit card bill payment, generate mini statement, etc.

Some banks have implemented similar virtual assistance features to their Whatsapp and SMS banking as well.

Mobile banking apps: Many mobile banking applications provide users with relevant help to carry out credit card related services, and also get help from chatbots to use various functions that can be carried out online.

Whatsapp banking: Most banks that offer credit cards provide customer service through Whatsapp, with features similar to virtual banking assistance. Users have to choose from the limited options on Whatsapp to get help for their credit card related queries, which ultimately leads to the sharing of customer service helpline numbers.

Credit card helpline numbers: It is mandatory for all banks to provide a customer care number on their pamphlets, brochures and websites to help callers connect directly with bank representatives over the phone. The user has to follow the steps as guided by the interactive voice response system (IVRS) and connect with the agent directly after user authentication.

Remember, callers from outside India are assigned a separate number to connect with the credit card customer care agent.

The Bank provides credit card customer care assistance through helpline numbers:

  • Premium number: Numbers with the initials 1860 are charged per minute. This charge is much higher than calling a local number.
  • Toll free line: Credit card customer service helpline numbers starting with 1800 are toll-free, which do not charge the caller.

Notes: Many users have sent their grievances online for not being able to connect with the bank’s customer care through 1860 and 1800 numbers from their postpaid connections. This is true because some of the bank’s customer service premium and toll-free numbers are unreachable when called from Vodafone postpaid numbers.

  • Fixed line: Although callers are charged at STD rates, landline numbers are the most efficient way to speak directly to bank customer representatives.

Support FAQ: All banks that offer credit cards allow users to manually type their queries on the search bar of the website or mobile app and get related help from the listed FAQs.

Email support: Many consumers find email correspondence to be the easiest way to get help related to solving their credit card inquiries. It usually takes a day for a representative to get back to your email inquiry.

SMS support: This 24/7 feature offers customers to get instant alerts for their credit card transactions via SMS on the phone. Some banks also allow registered customers to request a call back via SMS.

Social Media Operators: Almost all Indian banks are active on social media platforms, especially on Facebook/Messenger and Twitter and are seen responding to user queries from time to time.

Bank relationship manager: Most banks allow their regular customers to get customer care assistance directly from the bank’s relationship manager. It is also advisable to note down the business number of the representative who helped you get the credit card for assistance at certain times to resolve related queries.

multilingual: Top banks that offer credit cards have at least two languages ​​English and Hindi for users to choose from to communicate. Axis Bank Axis OK provides banking users in 11 Indian vernacular languages.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions) about Credit Card Customer Service

Is credit card customer service available 24/7?

All customer care assistance obtained through automated services is available 24/7, while, features like online live agent chat and helpline numbers are mostly available during weekdays from 7 am to 11 pm

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