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Indian mobile phone users are among the world’s most prone to switch mobile phone brands and carriers. According to a new report, 28 percent of Indians want to change their mobile phone brand.

On the other hand, one in three Indians plan to upgrade their mobile phone to the same brand.

While 30 percent of Indonesians and 28 percent of Indians said they wanted to change their mobile phone brand, only 10 percent of Americans and 8 percent of Britons said so.

The data was published in YouGov’s Loyalty in Telco Report 2022. It is based on a survey of 18 international markets conducted to understand the purchase intentions and motivations of mobile phone and operator users.

As with brands, Indian consumers were also among the world’s most inclined to switch their current mobile network operators. One in four mobile users in India wants to find a new operator. This ratio is much lower in the US, China and Great Britain.

However, one in two Indian respondents said they would use their current phones if companies improved the features available. Forty-six and forty-three percent said better customer service and easy access to 5G would keep them from switching phones.

“Indonesia and India registered the highest share of potential mobile phone switchers who could be encouraged to stay with more/improved features of the current brand,” the report said.

Also, discounted or free video streaming packages with platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus have also encouraged Indians to stick with their current phone brands.

Better exchange rates for current devices and higher finance packages were other factors that could encourage Indians to continue using their current phone brands.

Overall, Asian users were found to be “less sticky” when it comes to phone brands compared to their European and American counterparts.


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