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HOLLISTER, Mo. (KY3) – The new owners of a yacht club mobile home park in Hollister have evicted the residents. The new owners bought the property back in August. They soon told everyone they had to move out by Tuesday.

A few months ago, local nonprofits in Taney County were notified that people living at the yacht club would need a place to go. Most of the people who live here are seniors. Some have lived here for 30 years.

On Tuesday, Hope of Hope, Christian Action Ministries, Standing by the Door Ministries and the Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks showed up in a variety of ways.

“It can include packing, moving furniture, listening to people’s stories, loving them and helping make that transition smooth,” said Alex Sprinkle, director of services at House of Hope.

β€œIt means the world to me. It gives me a chance to move forward,” said resident James Pattison.

Pattison lived at the Hollister Yacht Club for nearly eight years. He has until Jan. 1 to move out and says it wouldn’t be possible without the help of these organizations.

“Without them, I’d be living on Main Street in a tent if someone would let me have a tent,” Pattison said.

While families with mobile homes have until the end of the year to move out, anyone renting apartments at the yacht club had until November 1 to move out.

“They helped me move today. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything today without them guys,” resident Scott said. “Between work and my wife being sick, they’ve been great and helped me get to the venue.”

People living at the yacht club say the new owners have given them 60 days to move into their new home. They were also told that if they paid the September and October rent, they would get a full refund.

“If they own the trailers, they get the extra rent they paid and another $1,000 to move the owned trailer to the new location,” Sprinkle said.

“For many of the residents here, this was their retirement plan. They bought property or rented on Lake Taneycom,” said Michele Dean, executive director of Christian Action Ministries

Dean says it’s been a bit of a struggle to find affordable housing for some seniors and families. But she says it’s been amazing to see neighbors and the community come together to help.

“When you see crisis and trouble, always look for helpers,” Dean said. “It’s not a great situation, but looking at those things we can see and having those relationships and connections is a great opportunity.”

House of Hope staff say all tenants who were supposed to leave today have been settled in their new homes.

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