Immortality launches on mobile through a partnership with Netflix | Techy Kings


Sam Barlow 2022 a hit Immortality is out now on Netflix for iOS and Android. Starting today, Netflix subscribers can play the interactive thriller on their phones at no extra cost.

Releasing a game on Netflix is ​​a win-win. Netflix helped prepare subscribers for a game like this with an interactive game Black mirror Bandersnatch series. Immortality further solidifies Netflix as a platform for narrative gaming and truly interactive experiences.

For Barlow and developer Half Mermaid, it helps expand the reach of the critically acclaimed game. And the timing couldn’t be better, as it was recently nominated for several game awards, including Best Storytelling and Best Game Direction.

It is also worth noting that the iOS version Immortality It is said to be exactly the same as its PC and Xbox counterparts. It’s worth noting because it’s an FMV game with nudity and lots of sex scenes.

Apple has been strict about such content in its App Store for years. In 2014, the tech giant actively called for Lucas Pope’s parts Paper please “pornographic content,” and Pope later resubmitted his game for an iOS release.

Barlow was interviewed by Game Developer before the game’s release about the art of making a game based on a movie. You can read that spoiler-free interview here.

Update: This post has been edited for clarification Immortality also released on Android, not just iOS devices.


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