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Watch: Stormy weather in Patna leads to thin fall ahead of Ravana Dahan. Twitter

Patna: After the nine-day festival associated with Maa Durga, devotees celebrate Vijaya Dashmi or Dussehra to celebrate the victory of good over evil. On the day of Dussehra, the festival includes various religious rituals to seek blessings from the divine beings, a similar event that is celebrated on this day. Ravana Dahan.

to the steadfast, Ravana Dahan Lord witnesses the killing of the demon king Ravana for his act of abducting Rama’s beloved wife Sita. During the Dussehra celebrations, a thin effigy was burnt. Ravana Dahan fell to the ground before hand. Due to the stormy weather in Patna, the giant effigy of Ravana fell down. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

According to reports, no one was injured in this sudden incident.


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