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PATNA: Under the ongoing redevelopment project of the Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport, parallel taxi track (PTT), isolation bay and re-carpeting of the existing runway is all set to begin from October 2022.
A Bangalore-based company is likely to get the work order as it has emerged as the lowest bidder in the recent bidding process launched by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). The work will be handed over to a private firm within a week to develop new facilities to ensure trouble-free operation of commercial flights at the airport, officials said.
26 acres of land had already been handed over to AAI by the state government for development of PTT and associated structures including isolation bay. The proposed facilities will improve runway capacity, reduce flight delays and help deal with emergency scares.
KS Vijayan, General Manager (Engineering) Projects, AAI-Patna said, “The estimated cost of the project is around Rs. PTT to be built. Accommodating more flights and re-carpeting of the runway in a short span of time. The selected firm will have to complete the work within one year (by October 2023).”
He told this newspaper on Thursday that the total length of the PTT will be 1,730 meters long, which will reduce delays in ground and air flights, resulting in fuel savings.
According to officials, the isolation bay will come up on the southern part of the runway that will fall between the airport boundary and the railway track. While the PTT will approach the west side of the runway, attach its turn pad or dumbbell to the apron. This facility will increase the capacity of the runway by almost three times the existing capacity. At that time, the Patna Airport Handles 10 flights per hour including five arrivals and departures.
Under the project, the existing runway, which is 2,286 meters long, will be re-carpeted. This process will involve refining each layer and compressing the surfaces. Normally, re-carpeting should be done every 10 years, however, the work was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic at Patna Airport.


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