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Joe Rogan recently offered his views on the algorithms various social media platforms use to sort various information across their platforms. In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, hosted by Joe Rogan, along with Substack founder Chris Best, discussed various issues related to technical algorithms.

According to Rogan, social media platforms such as Twitter are a good source for keeping up to date on various events around the world. However, the UFC color commentator stated that these platforms fail to distinguish between accurate and false information, sometimes misleading people.

Giving his opinion on the various social media platforms and their flawed algorithms, the JRE host had this to say:

“If you want to find out what’s going on, that is [Twitter] as the best place to go immediately to find out that you know some country has been overthrown, some chaos is happening somewhere in the world. At least you get something and you also get different perspectives. You get a bit of a boots on the ground perspective, you get a bit of an official perspective… The problem is just sorting it out. It’s not a good platform to sort out what’s correct, what’s not correct…It’s kind of wild that there’s only one place where people go bi*ch about things.”

You can check out Rogan and Chris Best discussing the various issues surrounding social media platforms and their algorithms below:

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Joe Rogan addresses the side effects of consuming processed foods

In another episode of his popular podcast show, host Joe Rogan, along with guest Steve-O, had a long discussion about people relying more on processed and packaged foods. The two discuss the matter and also highlight the side effects of consuming such packaged and processed foods.

The popular podcaster gave his opinion on the matter and had this to say:

“We should eat organisms the way they form in nature. You know the healthy things in nature. Healthy fruits, healthy vegetables, healthy animals and eggs. That’s how you should eat it. You actually know when you grow, whether it’s both monocrop farming in terms of growing food and even raising animals that we’re messing with things. We’re messing with nature. And there are trade-offs and consequences when you do that.”

Check out the discussion between Joe Rogan and Steve-O about veganism and various side effects of processed food consumption in the video below:

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