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Kasasa’s Finder connects people with local community banks and credit unions that have an interest in the people and communities they serve

AUSTIN, Texas, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kasasa, an award-winning provider of financial and marketing technology, today announced the launch of Finder, a new tool that makes it easier for people to find community banks and credit unions that offer products people love while supporting their local economy.

With Kasasa Finder, people can search by zip code and filter results to reveal community financial institutions that carry Kasasa rewards checking accounts. Kasasa accounts are always free and offer high return rates on balances and cashback rewards.

“Finance is one of the most personal aspects of life and people need a reliable financial partner,” he said Gabe Krajicek, Chief Executive Officer of Kasasa. “The truth is, genuine support can only come from real people helping real people in the real world. It’s something that megabanks, neobanks, and fintechs, even with the best AI ever created, will never be able to touch. This genuine connection is the backbone of every road key in thriving communities. Combine that sentiment with Kasasa’s world-class accounts, and people will find they’re essentially getting paid to join local coalitions that make communities and the individuals in them financially strong across the country.”

When combined, the community banks and credit unions partnering with Kasasa provide 3 million consumer accounts and form the fourth largest branch network with 3,400 locations nationwide. Kasasa Finder harnesses the collective power of Kasasa’s customer network, enabling community financial institutions to scale and gain visibility by winning the attention and trust of consumers across the country – without sacrificing the human connections found at the local level.

By joining the Kasasa Finder network, community financial institutions can receive:

  • Reviewed user traffic to their details page with access to online account opening,
  • Optional listing page with institution description, product details and branch location,
  • Personalized staff bio pages and information highlighting their community impact.

Kasasa provides marketing, technology and financial products that people love and offers them exclusively at community banks and credit unions to keep money in the local economy. Since 2003, Kasasa’s financial institution has returned almost $3 billion as a reward for Kasasa account holders. To easily find local community banks and credit unions, visit the Kasasa Finder at Kasasa.com.

About Kasasa

Centered in Austin, Texas, Kasasa® promotes community banks and credit unions and inspires people to bank locally, so they can be proud of their money and do more good. An award-winning fintech and marketing services company, Kasasa provides people-loved rewards checking accounts, first loans with Take-Backs, a relationship-powered referral program and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions. For more information, visit www.kasasa.com, Instagram, Tick ​​tock, Facebookor LinkedIn.



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