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After his statement on the death of a suspended police inspector sparked a controversy, Karnataka minister MTB Nagaraj on Monday backtracked on allegations of “money for mail” and blamed the media for twisting his statements.

Nagaraj said he was not familiar with the deceased inspector Nandeesh and had “visited his home to offer condolences when the officer paid tribute to him from his (Kuruba) community”.

An alleged video of the municipal administration minister had come to fore on Saturday in which he blamed the corruption in the police department for the death of the inspector at the KR Puram police station in Bengaluru. HT has seen the video.

Nandeesh, who was attached to KR Puram police station as an inspector, was recently suspended for allowing pubs in his jurisdiction to function after the deadline. Nagaraj had visited his house on Thursday when the alleged conversation allegedly took place.

“They’re raising money left, right and center and getting involved in all sorts of things. This is their excitement. They pay 70 to 80 lakh for a posting; this is their excitement. They do things like this,” Nagaraj is heard saying in the video as he goes to Nandish’s house to offer condolences. The video drew criticism from opposition parties.

Addressing a press conference in Bengaluru on Monday, the minister said some party workers had told him that the late inspector had spent 70-80 lakhs. “I just asked them what he (Nandeesh) was aiming to achieve by spending 70-80 lakh.”

“(When I arrived at the house) some party workers were present. I asked them the reason for the cardiac arrest. What was he worried about?” he told reporters. “These workers told me that he (Nandeesh) used to say that he had spent 70-80 lakh and was worried about what he would do next (as he was suspended). So I asked them what he would achieve by spending 70-80 lakh to come here.”

The minister even accused the media of twisting his statements. “The media has twisted my comments. He (Nandeesh) has not said that he had given money. No one has taken it. Opposition parties have demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister and the Home Minister… that question does not arise at all,” Nagraj said.

Earlier, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai had said on Sunday that he has directed the Director General of Police to look into the death and have an inquiry conducted if necessary, following allegations that it was linked to “money for mail”.

Bommai had said that he has already asked the DGP “to investigate the death of Inspector Nandeesh, who died of a heart attack, from all angles”.

“The state government has no hesitation in conducting the inquiry into the allegation of payment of 60 to 80 lakh by the suspended inspector to get a post at KR Puram,” he had said.

“There is no second thought when it comes to conducting an investigation,” he had said.

The development comes after Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah said, “The rampant corruption in the Basavaraj Bommai-led administration has reached such proportions that even a minister like MTB Nagaraj has openly attributed the suspended police inspector’s death due to heart attack as one caused on due to depression over payment of 70 to 80 lakh to get a post”.

On Sunday, after posting the video on Twitter, former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy had demanded that the state government come clean. “A minister in the Bommai government has said so 70-80 lakh is taken for a post in police department. The government must find out who Nandeesh gave the money and did any percentage of that amount go to senior officials, ministers and the CM. Like the minister, the CM too must speak the truth,” Kumaraswamy tweeted.


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