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Laura Appel

Laura Appel

MHA received media coverage during the week of November 14 regarding financial and staffing challenges affecting Michigan hospitals and the potential for additional state funding support.

The Detroit Free Press published an article on Nov. 14 that examined the factors influencing declining financial results, including lower patient volume, increased supply costs, higher staffing costs and stagnant reimbursement. Laura Appel, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy, MHA, is quoted throughout the story. Appel expressed appreciation for the state’s one-time $225 million grant to recruit, retain and train health care workers and discussed the increased rates for staffing agencies.

“We are extremely grateful for that,” says Appel. “But $225 million (is) a one-time payment that really only offsets a small portion of what we’re paying in 2022 … and none of it is designed to help us in 2023.”

Additional stories were published by Crain’s Detroit Business and The Detroit News.

Members with questions regarding media requests should contact John Karasinski at MHA.


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