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“Telehealth, which includes mobile health (mHealth) technology, is the future of medicine,” said Lynn Webster, MD, in a recent discussion with Online patient care. Dr. Webster is the Chief Medical Officer PainScriptâ„¢a medical technology company with a unique mHealth platform that allows doctors to communicate daily with their chronic pain patients via smartphone.

“The PainScript platform is innovative because it focuses on physician practice management, providing patient monitoring to facilitate adherence to treatment (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic) and early detection of adverse/serious adverse events,” Dr. Webster and colleagues wrote in a recent report. large observational studypresented by Dr. Webster at PAINWeek 2022.

In the video below, Dr. Webster talks about the causes of his chronic pain, provides a quick primer on the PainScript mHealth platform, and highlights key findings from the analysis that may be of interest to clinicians.


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