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How well do your customers know their customers?

What is their purchasing behavior, consumer preferences, geographic location?

When is the best time to talk to them, in what channel and in what way?

In today’s 24/7 market, the answers to these questions can vary greatly.

They can provide end-user companies with the gold nuggets they need to maximize every aspect of their customer relationship; from building rich profiles and building effective onboarding processes to increasing productivity and enhancing security.

Mobile intelligence – the sum of all that great data – comes from smartly analyzing mobile phone usage.

And companies smart enough to leverage capital are discovering just how powerful it can be.

“In a mobile-first world where personalization and personalized engagement are the buzzwords, the mobile device is quickly becoming one of the most powerful sources of data for companies looking to learn more about their customers’ behaviors and characteristics,” it said. Sanjin Vlahovic, Head of Mobile Intelligence at Mitt, a leading global omnichannel solutions providerwhose direct and wholesale mobile intelligence solution helps you do just that.

“Data points including the online or offline status of mobile numbers, which mobile network the number is associated with, and portability and roaming status, companies can use the data in several ways to increase customer engagement.

The use cases are really compelling.

Customer profiling – for example, understanding how often a user changes their mobile contract – can help inform brand loyalty.

Location verification – knowing where a user is in the world – can, for example, help meet gaming industry compliance rules that strictly regulate where a customer is at the time they place a bet. Financial institutions also use the same data to verify the location of credit card customers during purchases to reduce fraudulent activity and provide customer peace of mind.

Time-sensitive communications – using mobile intelligence to optimize SMS routing – ensure that mobile messages are delivered in near real-time and in the most cost-effective manner.

For example, financial institutions that use text messages to communicate important information, such as fraud alerts or account balances, can be assured that their messages will not only reach the right people at the right time, but will also be delivered through the most efficient routes.

“Mobile intelligence is the process of uncovering insights and patterns from data generated by mobile users and their devices – in our lightning-fast digital world, brands can use this real-time data to make smarter, faster decisions anytime, anywhere.” ” says Ramon Kania, Mitto’s Chief Technology Officer.

“The data can be used to clean internal databases, protect the business against fraudulent accounts and ensure the security of customer accounts.” Real-time data significantly reduces the time spent searching for answers, speeds up decision-making processes. As a result, companies can quickly respond to different scenarios and simplify their daily operations.

“Mobile intelligence is extremely beneficial to organizations that previously worked in silos, as data is readily available and can be easily shared across departments, promoting cohesion and collaboration.

“This ultimately helps companies stay one step ahead of potential risks so they can quickly overcome crises, improve customer experience and drive growth.”

Mobile intelligence solutions such as those offered by Mitto primarily provide validation, verification and authentication of mobile numbers based on line type, international number formatting and carrier checks.

All of these are important signals that can help businesses reduce costs, increase conversions, and increase security.

“Without mobile intelligence insights, businesses will experience less efficiency and increased security risks, which can cost customers and profits,” says Kania.

“The return on investment is clear: faster decision-making processes, better database efficiency, greater security and greater ability to meet revenue targets and KPIs.”

It’s easy for managed service providers, value-added resellers and system integrators to start a conversation with customers.

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