Mobile payment for the TD app will close on November 1st | Techy Kings


TD plans to disable mobile payment service on its mobile app, despite the fact that it still doesn’t support Google Wallet.

In the e-mail sent to customers at the end of last week in a letter TD reported that from November 1 will stop paying by mobile phone:

“As of today, you will no longer be able to pay for purchases using TD Mobile Payment, but your physical TD credit card and any pre-authorized payments set up with the card will continue to work,” the email said.

TD cited the “increasing popularity of other digital wallets” for the mobile payment shutdown. However, TD still does not support Google Wallet for payments. The Google Money Help page listing supported Canadian banks and cards does not list TD. Additionally, a Reddit post about email email has received several complaints from users who are still unable to add TD cards to Google Wallet.

It’s worth noting that TD supports Apple Pay. Surprisingly, TD’s US subsidiary supports Google Wallet.

TD back in 2016 added mobile payment to its app so people with NFC smartphones can pay with TD-issued cards. Hopefully, now that mobile payments are leaving the TD app, the bank will finally add Google Wallet support.

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