Mobile Season 8 – Train to Nowhere | Techy Kings


Battle Pass free tiers

This season’s free Battle Pass content includes the new ZRG 20mm Bolt Sniper Rifle unlocked at Tier 21, as well as the new BR class, the Lighter, unlocked at Tier 14. Other free rewards this season include various cameras, weapon blueprints, and a Tier 50 Spider Chow business card.

Premium Pass tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass to get access to all content available in the Spy vs Spy stream, including new Operator Skins such as Misty – Undercover, Seraph – Double Agent, Vanguard – Nocturnal Elite and Adler – Dapper. Other premium honors include stylized weapon designs for the M13, CBR4, S36, M4, and the new ZRG 20mm.

Get more by subscribing to Battle Pass Ground Forces.

Players who purchase the Battle Pass Ground Forces subscription will additionally unlock the Park — Double Agent Operator Skin and the new AK-47 Weapon Blueprint and Backpack Skin. You’ll also enjoy a seasonal 10% increase in Player XP and Weapon XP, as well as discounts on select Crate purchases.

New multiplayer map and perk


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