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by the Express News Service

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is not campaigning for RJD candidates in the state’s by-elections on Monday, has pledged his full support to Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav from the poll date. First tried to clear all doubts. LJP (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan will start campaigning for BJP candidates.

“I will promote it now”, Nitish remarked during a media interaction, pointing to Tejashwi even as he attacked another young leader, Chirag, as a ‘bacha’ (child) in politics. Tejashwi equally responded to Nitish’s gesture when the Chief Minister was making generous comments about him. He also posted a video clip on social media, showing how Nitish is promising his support for his advancement in politics.

Nitish Mokama and Gopalganj are not campaigning in favor of RJD candidates when they were inspecting the Chhath ghats in the state capital when their boat was injured when it hit a pillar of JP Setu. Nitish, however, was unreserved in his criticism of Chirag, who will campaign for BJP candidates in the Mokama and Gopalganj bypolls on November 3.

Chirag is likely to campaign for BJP candidate Kasam Devi in ​​Gopalganj on Tuesday. “It is right that Chirag will campaign for BJP candidates, people will know his strength,” he said. Continuing his tirade against Chirag, Nitish said, “Chirag was already in the BJP. He fought the last state assembly election against my party because he fielded his candidates where my candidates were in the field. Before the JD(U) severed ties with the NDA, it had accused Chirag of joining the JD(U) at the behest of the BJP to damage its electoral prospects in the last assembly elections. (U) is pitting its candidates against the candidates.

Nitish said that his relationship with Chirag’s father late Ram Vilas Paswan was very good and old.
“I not only supported him but also respected him,” he added. This guy (Chirag Paswan) is a ‘kid’, what does he know,” he commented. Nitish said that according to the information received from the people, RJD is going to win both the seats.

Meanwhile, Tejashwi said JD(U) president Rajeev Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh, JD(U) Parliamentary Board Chairman Upinder Kushwaha and several other senior leaders are campaigning for the grand alliance in both constituencies. He said that Nitish’s video message will be played in front of the voters in both the seats. He further said that the condition of BJP is bad without Nitish.


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