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The MiR World Americas conference features educational sessions by independent mobile robot experts, including system integrators, partners and users with a virtual demo room.

HOLBROOK, NY, 2022 November 1— (BUSINESS WIRE) — November 8-10. the MiR World Americas Conference will be held. Long-time MiR partners and users such as Schneiders Electric will join MiR leaders for educational sessions, case studies and actionable insights to help attendees reap the benefits of material handling with flexible, safe and easy-to-use mobile robots.

“AMR adoption continues to grow rapidly, particularly in the Americas, as more companies struggling with labor shortages and supply chain issues recognize the tremendous benefits it offers over manual material handling,” said Mark Joppru, VP of Americas Sales. “Whether you are new to the field or long-time experts looking to deepen your knowledge, the MiR World Americas conference will help all attendees take the next step to enable their organizations to achieve a rapid return on investment.” everyone at this event.”

According to the latest report from the International Federation of Robots (IFR), in 2021 more than 121,000 AMRs were sold, of which nearly 50,000 went to companies planning to automate transportation and logistics applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and factories. This use of AMR in transport and logistics is expected from 2022 onwards. until 2025 will increase by an average of 40% annually. Much of this additional demand comes from “efforts to increase manufacturing resilience to pandemics and international political conflicts to re-capacity,” the IFR report said.

Experts share why and how to maximize investment in AMR

The three-day virtual event will include a virtual demo room and a number of key AMR topics presented by a diverse panel of experts, including:

  • “Why should we invest in AMR?” (Edgar Martínez, Schneider Electric)

  • “MIR Service – Optimal Uptime” (Annie Liu, MiR)

  • Getting Started with AMR (Scott Albrecht, Hartfiel Automation)

  • “AMR Integration Challenges – How to Turn Integration into a Success Story” (Dave Kush, In Position Technologies)

  • “Cobot” (Kenneth B. Henriksen, MiR)

  • “Partner success story as a great partner in 2019, 2020, 2021 – lessons from the field through 100+ bot deployments” (Mark Proud, RG Group)

  • “Increase Your Chances of Success with Robot 1” (Nick Armenta, Olympus Controls)

  • “Using Autonomous Robots to Manage Large Warehouses in the Textile Industry” (Cedric Craze, Accenture)

  • “Mobile robotics completes your AMR deployment” (Jonathen Karavolias, ROEQ)

  • “Identifying the Right MiR Solution: A Strategic Integrated Approach from Conception to Execution” (Zac Boehm, Hy-Tek)

  • “Replacing conveyors with flexible automation” (Matt Charles, ROBEX)

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About Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

MiR designs and manufactures one of the most advanced ranges of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can automate internal logistics and optimize material handling quickly, simply and cost-effectively. MiR offers one of the most advanced fleets of mobile robots used by large enterprises as well as SMEs in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to logistics to healthcare. in 2013 Founded in Denmark, MiR has grown to become a global leader with nearly 220 distributors and certified system integrators in 60 countries. in 2018 Teradyne acquired MiR, and in 2022 Teradyne has combined AutoGuide Mobile Robots with MiR to deliver a comprehensive line of AMR products from small to large payloads. MiR is headquartered in Odense, Denmark with regional offices in Holbrook, New York, San Diego, CA, North Reading, MA, Georgetown, KY, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. For more information, visit

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