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In today’s world, our smartphones have become indispensable. They may be small, but they can hold our entire world within them. That’s why Samsung Electronics originally created a single user interface to better connect innovative hardware with intuitive and easy-to-use software that gives people more control over their mobile devices.

In the coming weeks, Samsung is excited to introduce its latest One UI offering, One UI 5, to millions of Galaxy users around the world with new features that give everyone the freedom to choose their own mobile experience.

Read on to see what to expect from One UI 5.


Use your phone the way you want

One UI 5 is Samsung’s most personalized mobile experience to date, designed to empower people to customize their devices exactly how they want them – and that starts with communication.

New Bixby SMS call¹ feature allows users to communicate in a way that is most convenient for them. With Bixby Text Call, you can answer phone calls by simply typing a message. Bixby, Samsung’s smart platform, converts text to audio and shares it directly with the caller on your behalf, showing what the caller is saying by converting their voice to text. This feature is great for those moments when you need to communicate but not necessarily be heard, like on a busy train or at a loud concert. With this feature, you can receive calls in any environment without disturbing or missing them.

Adapt your phone to your lifestyle

What you need from a device can change throughout the day. The features you use in your morning routine to get you up and active may not be the same ones that keep you focused during the workday. With Routinesyou can trigger a sequence of actions on your device based on your activity and with One UI 5 Modesyou can create customized settings for different parts of your life from sleep and relaxation to exercise and driving.

For example, when you’re working out, your preference might be to mute notifications to stay in the zone and play music. Or, when it’s time to go to bed, turning off the sounds and turning on dark mode can help you relax.

One UI 5 also offers a a fresh, new look and feel making the user experience more enjoyable and smoother. From bolder, simpler app icons to a simplified color scheme, Samsung has paid attention to the intricate details to make the mobile experience more engaging.

Samsung has also improved messages One UI 5 is more intuitive, making it easy to read at a glance, and offers clearer answer and reject buttons for calls through a new design popup call screen.

In addition to the overall design aspects, personalization and the ability to express yourself are also central to every mobile experience. To take it to the next level, One UI 5 introduces popularity Video wallpapers from the Lockstar of Good Lock app directly to the lock screen. With just a few taps, you can trim your video to turn your most memorable moments into a touching tribute on your phone. You can make this lock screen even more customized by changing the wallpaper, clock style and notification popups all in one screen.

A mobile experience built around you

In addition to options to create a customized look and feel for your device, One UI 5 also offers new features that help you get things done more efficiently. For example, One UI 5’s widgets come with exciting new options and the ability to keep your home screen neat and tidy Stacked widgets. This new feature lets you drag and drop widgets on top of each other and swipe left or right to quickly and easily scroll through each one, freeing up space on your home screen and making it more efficient.

To help further simplify mobile tasks and activities, One UI 5 also comes with a new Smart offers for controllers. Based on your usage patterns and the context of your mobile activity, Smart Suggestions automatically suggest apps and actions that further personalize your mobile experience.

You can easily extract text from images and paste it into the note. Whether it’s quickly capturing event details from a poster to send to a friend or simply saving a phone number from a business card, One UI 5 makes it easier than ever to be productive with smart text extraction.

In addition, the new devices also allow you to control all the devices connected to your smartphone Connected devices menu, where you’ll be able to access all the features that work with other devices, such as Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX. You can also now easily access the Auto switch Buds menu, which allows you to automatically switch your Buds between devices for a smoother experience between devices.

Convenient security and peace of mind

Samsung understands that there is no privacy without security, so in One UI 5 these two settings have been combined into one clear, easy-to-navigate dashboard, making it easier than ever for you to protect your device and sensitive information. private.

This one is new Security and Privacy Dashboard designed to be as simple as possible to quickly and easily understand the status of the device. With one quick glance, you can get a quick overview of your device’s security and find suggestions and alerts based on status.

To ensure that your personal information remains private, One UI 5 is also new message in the sharing panel² warns you if you’re about to accidentally share a photo that contains potentially sensitive information, such as an image of a credit or debit card, driver’s license, social security card, or passport.

Built for Galaxy users, by Galaxy users

Samsung has been working hard over the past few months to ensure that One UI 5 delivers the best mobile experience yet, and to make these changes relevant to real users, Samsung has received feedback from thousands of Galaxy users participating in our One UI in beta. program.

The Single UI beta program ensures that Samsung delivers mobile features that truly meet the needs of Galaxy users. Through this program, participants can get early access to the interface and share their feedback to help create the best experience possible. This year, Samsung opened the Open Beta program for One UI 5. earlier than ever earlier so that everyone can access the exciting new user interface as soon as possible.

Later, feedback from this process shaped the future One UI 5 experience in more ways than one. From small details like smoother gestures for a refined look and feel to full functionality, users have informed the development journey. Users noted that the security dashboard was a much-appreciated feature, which paves the way for additional updates that give people more control over their privacy, while feedback also showed that the new Bixby Text Call feature was seen as extremely useful for answering calls in difficult situations. in the environments. . Therefore, early next year, this feature will support English.

Stay tuned to learn more about One UI 5 and how you can make your mobile experience what it should be—exclusively yours.

[1] Bixby Text Call is now available in Korean with One UI 4.1.1, with an English version planned for 2023. initially with the One UI software update.
[2] The enhanced photo sharing feature is only available when the system language is set to English (US) or Korean.
The availability of ID may vary by language.


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