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Initiatives such as loss protection policies allow players to claim back up to 100 percent of the net losses they may have incurred after 10 gaming sessions with specified thresholds, according to MPL.

The Mobile Premier League (MPL) has recently launched a series of programs to promote “safe and risk-free play”. One such initiative is the loss protection policy, which the company says allows players to claim back up to 100 percent of net losses they may have incurred after playing 10 game sessions with specified thresholds.

“Another way we continue to make games safer and lag-free is through our Bug Bounty program.” Under this, we will reward security researchers up to Rs 10,000 for successfully identifying vulnerabilities in MPL. This will not only allow us to notice any security gaps, but also help us take targeted action to eliminate them in time. With initiatives like these, we hope to provide users with a gaming experience they can trust and enjoy,” said Namratha Swamy, Country Head, India, MPL.

Swamy also added that MPL recently received SHIELD Trust certification for its strategic security initiatives to protect players’ interests on the platform. SHIELD is a global risk intelligence company, and the certificate takes into account a company’s trust profile and evaluates key risk metrics such as the number of real users, the ratio of users to devices, and the prevalence of malicious tools used on a given platform to determine its trustworthiness. .

“With a trust score of 95.95 percent, MPL is the world’s first multi-game company to achieve this certification, fulfilling the vital requirements of SHIELD’s trust verification, making it the most trusted and secure platform for gaming enthusiasts,” she said.

Swamy says the Bug Bounty program helps the company focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and making a concerted effort to fix them in a timely manner.

The app goes beyond just identifying security holes, but also allows researchers to report any cheating opportunity that could give a player an unfair advantage, encouraging reports of cases that could help a player compromise gameplay or results, such as winning a game without playing, altering the course of the game or even post horrible results.


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