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Patna: Candidates for the posts of Mayor And the Deputy Mayor in the future urban local body (ULB) special election symbols are being used in Patna elections and it is hoped that the voters will remember these symbols and help them get votes in their favour.
A total of 32 candidates are in the fray for the post of Mayor of Patna Municipal Corporation, while 16 are contesting for the post of Deputy Mayor.PMC), for which voting will take place on October 20.
For many candidates, these strange symbols are not just symbols, but also indicate their ideology and agenda for the civic polls. Rita Rastogi, a businesswoman, who is running for mayor, said her symbol is ‘Diya’ which symbolizes hope and happiness.
“My aim is to transform Patna into a beautiful city, to give new hope to the people with development in various sectors including sanitation, health, education and other facilities,” he said.
Aarti Singh, a lawyer whose symbol is the tap for the mayoral election, said, “There are still many areas in the city where tap water is not yet available. If I win this election, I will Will ensure that all households get water. Tap water connection. I have other plans to deal with waterlogging issues, garbage and lack of public toilets in Patna as well.”
Patna’s outgoing Mayor Sita Sahu has a ‘spade’ as her symbol, former Mayor Afzal Imam’s wife Mehjabeen has a ‘table’, social activist Sarita Nopani has a ‘stool’, Vinita Singh aka Vinita Batu has a ‘pair of deer’. And the outgoing mayor has got ‘the table’. Deputy Mayor Rajini Devi received a ‘gas cylinder’ as a symbol.


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