Patna has seen a 32% increase in Durga Puja pandals this year. | Techy Kings


PATNA: Patna Electric Supply General Manager Murtaza Hilal said that the number of Durga Puja pandals in Patna has increased by a record 32 per cent this year compared to previous years, with 529 pandals registered till Sunday, the highest ever. Undertaking (PESU), which supplies electricity to the state capital.

He said that PESU has so far provided 524 temporary connections to pooja pandals for the three days starting from Sunday.

“Our teams of electrical engineers visited the pooja pandals in their respective areas and convinced the organizers of the pooja committees to take temporary power connections, as per their load requirement,” Hilal said.

“Most of the organizers had temporary connections with a sanctioned load of up to 5kW (kilowatts). Some big pandals took a load of up to 30kW, while Dak Bangla, Patna’s largest puja pandal, sanctioned 100kW. It was loaded,” he added.

The number of pooja pandals registered by PESU during Dussehra was highest this year in terms of number of temporary connections granted. PESU provided 324 temporary connections in 2018. 359 in 2019, Pooja pandal was not allowed before the Covid-19 restrictions in 2020. According to data obtained from PESU, the number of temporary electricity connections last year was 400.

“PESU has understood by now. 21,66,273 through 524 temporary connections given so far in this festive month. The remaining five puja pandals will take temporary connection till Monday,” said Hilal.

PESU’s Danapur electricity division had the highest number of 70 pooja pandals, accounting for the number of temporary electricity connections distributed during Dussehra. Gardani Bagh and Patna City Electricity Divisions, each having 49 temporary electricity connections, followed by Kankar Bagh 1 with 43 and Kankar Bagh 2 with 42.

New Capital, Khagol, Dak Bangla, and Pataliputra electricity divisions have started 39, 38, 37, and 34 temporary power connections respectively.

PESU opened control rooms in each of its 13 electricity divisions in Patna between October 7 and 10 for round-the-clock operation.

“These control rooms have been set up to deal with any technical glitch immediately to ensure uninterrupted power supply to our customers during the festival,” Hilal said.

“Also, we have also deployed our officials in the district control room of the district administration from October 2 to October 6 for ‘Raavanvadh'”.


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