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New flights: There is good news for pilgrims visiting Vaidyanath Jyotharling. A direct flight from Patna Airport to Deoghar Airport is about to start. IndiGo has taken a slot from DGCA for flights for this sector. Not only this, Patna Airport has released a winter schedule of 52 jets, including IndiGo flight 6E 7944/7945 between Deoghar-Patna-Deoghar sector.Also Read – IndiGo launches direct flights between Indore and Chandigarh | Check the details here.

The arrival time from Deoghar to Patna airport is 12.25 in the day while the take off from Patna to Deoghar is at 12.45. It will take about 25 minutes to cover a distance of 200 km. According to Indigo sources, the slot has been found but it will take time to roll out. Also Read – Rains in Chennai: Three killed, several areas inundated IMD has predicted more rain till Wednesday.

Spicejet direct flight between Patna and Surat is also about to start. Earlier there was a flight between Patna and Surat but it was stopped. Now there are two flights from Patna to Ranchi, earlier there was one. The winter schedule will be in effect till November 30. Also Read: Massive fire breaks out at restaurant in Pune’s Lola Nagar area.

First flight to Delhi at 8.25 am, last at 9.40 pm

The new schedule has 18 pairs of flights on the Delhi-Patna-Delhi sector. The first flight from Patna is at 8.25 am. Earlier, the first flight to Delhi was at 8.15 pm. The last flight to Delhi from October 30 is at 9.40 pm. Before that, the last flight was at 10 pm.

First flight from Chennai at 7:45, last to Delhi at 9.40

From October 30, the first flight at Patna airport will arrive from Chennai at 8.45 am and depart from Chennai at 8.35 am. Spicejet will depart from Delhi at 9.10 pm and depart at 9.40 pm. The first flight to Mumbai is at 2:15 PM.

6 flights to Mumbai and Kolkata and 4 to Bangalore

There are 6 flights to Mumbai and Kolkata, 4 to Bangalore and 3 to Ahmedabad. There are 2 flights to Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Pune, and Ranchi. Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Surat and Amritsar have 1 flight each.


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