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It’s no secret that UPI apps are one of the most popular ways to transact in our lives these days. A seemingly new technology that has taken center stage over traditional forms of money transfer such as checks and bank transfers, UPI’s fast and easy money transfer system has made it easier than ever for almost anyone with a smartphone to pay money.

Choosing the best UPI app

While there is no doubt about its effectiveness, one of the questions that often comes up in conversations is which app is best for UPI transactions. Keep in mind that there are various factors to consider before deciding which program offers the best deal. These factors include important things like an easy-to-use interface, indemnification in case of fraud and a convenient statement of accounts to track transactions and more.

Not all digital apps offer all these services, but there is one app that does it all and is a definite favorite for UPI transactions. Paytm. This is why you need to consider using Paytm for all your UPI needs.

Why Paytm is the best UPI app

1 – Best security

Security is the first thing that comes to mind when we transfer money to someone digitally. Paytm has taken the lead in this aspect by creating a secure UPI app with all UPI payments protected by 2-factor authentication – your Paytm login password and your bank-secured UPI PIN. Also remember to never share your OTP or password with any unknown person or unidentified caller.

Here’s a quick way to set up a bank’s UPI using Paytm app:

You can start by downloading the Paytm app and verifying your mobile number via SMS. After that, select your bank from the list provided and make sure that the mobile number registered with your bank is the same as the one entered earlier. You will also need to have your debit card details handy to set up your UPI PIN for the first time. Once the PIN is set, you can start using UPI Paytm app.

2 – Easiest to use

To transfer money through UPI Paytm app, there is no need to add the recipient’s bank account details and wait for the bank’s confirmation on adding the recipient. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s mobile phone number to instantly transfer money from one account to another. Unlike other online money transfer methods like IMPS, NEFT etc. The UPI feature in the Paytm app saves you a lot of time and effort in entering various details about the recipient, making UPI money transfer simple, fast and hassle-free. free process.

Additionally, you can use UPI’s autopay facility to pay your monthly bills automatically, reducing one more item you need to keep track of every month. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is!

3 – Best customer service

Unlike some other apps, with every Paytm UPI transaction, you get a reference ID that can be used to resolve any issues with the 24/7 customer support. Or you can also call 0120-4456-456 to resolve your queries with Paytm customer care. This is a huge relief in case of fraudulent or incorrect transactions made by mistake.

You can make instant transfers to the bank accounts of your friends and family members just by using their contact number. You can also recharge your mobile and purchase subscriptions using Paytm UPI service. Paytm’s UPI success rate is the best in the industry, making it an even more attractive option for UPI transactions.

Also, you can do UPI transactions on Paytm without doing KYC. Not to mention that Paytm UPI transactions are completely free of any fees or additional charges.

4 – The most valuable

Paytm is the pioneer of QR and mobile payments and Paytm app allows you to make payments to stores/merchants by simply entering their contact numbers or scanning QR codes. With Paytm, you can scan QR codes of all UPI providers, not just Paytm, making it an even more enticing proposition to use the app. The app also lets you earn cashback and various discount coupons on every UPI payment, making it a worthwhile proposition for you.

Paytm allows transactions up to Rs 1 million. INR from your total daily spend to take care of big or small transactions. You can use this facility to pay your home utilities, credit card bills, loan EMIs, etc. Just make sure you never share your UPI PIN with anyone to avoid any suspicious activity on your account.

Top-class security combined with many benefits and useful features Paytm app the best choice when it comes to UPI transactions. Just enter the recipient’s contact number and get access to a whole new way to pay bills, rent, shop and transfer money using the UPI feature on the Paytm app. It’s time to upgrade your UPI experience with #PaytmKaro.

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