PR Expert George Nellist Helps Brands Grow on Social Media – E! Online | Techy Kings


George believes that the key to success lies in the influence and visibility that brands can create online. Discovering a company’s niche is the key to launching a successful marketing campaign. After that is done, the brand can simply focus on expanding its reach online. This is called the “land-and-spread strategy” in digital marketing. PR plays a crucial role here by establishing a brand’s credibility to ensure it is always seen in a positive light. PR also cancels any negative comments or reviews shared online to preserve the loyal customer base the brand has gained.

Under George’s passionate leadership, Ascend Agency has helped hundreds of companies grow from start-ups to giant brands. In addition to digital marketing, the company has also hosted charity events for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), raising thousands of dollars. George has also helped establish several 7-figure deals with publishers across the US under the Ascend Publishing Group.

George Nellist wants to see Ascend Agency working with top influencers and global brands in the coming years and the new subsidiary Ascend Publishing Group succeeds. He would also like to help people and startups get into the social media game through Ascend Agency, making his company a sought-after name in the digital marketing space in North America.


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