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Elections are about narrative. Before election day, a narrative is set by the national media that informs how parties will decide to spend their money. Media narratives, and subsequent political spending, have a huge influence on who wins and who loses. This election, Democrats are betting everything on abortion, making it the defining issue of their campaign narrative across the country. Democrats and the abortion industry spend $400 million dollars promoting their lies and anti-human agenda.

Still, singular focus and unprecedented spending were not enough for Democrats to achieve a clean sweep. That’s because Democrats are spending all their time and money selling something Americans don’t want: abortion at any time during pregnancy, for any reason, at taxpayer expense.

Pro-lifers have a lot to celebrate after election day. A strong pro-life governor who has passed important protections for the pre-born has been re-elected in a landslide. Pro-life Republicans will continue to control state legislatures in the majority of states. And it seems highly likely that pro-life leaders will take control of the US House of Representatives in January, ensuring that the worst of the Biden administration’s hostility toward preborn Americans will be contained, and that the administration can be properly investigated and held accountable. . However, there were also major obstacles on election day.


Voters were asked questions about abortion and life in five states, and the pro-life side was defeated in every state. These states – California, Vermont, Michigan, Kentucky and Montana – demonstrate the need to redouble our efforts in education and persuasion of the intrinsic value of human life. We must combat the blatant lies and misinformation told by the pro-abortion media.

Graffiti and red paint found at Washington, DC's Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center.  (Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center)

Graffiti and red paint found at Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center. (Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center)
(Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center)

In Montana, voters were told that voting in favor of the “Born Alive Protection Act” would put medical providers in prison for allowing parents to hold a terminally ill newborn in the briefest moments of its life outside the womb. It’s a ridiculous lie (provisions to the contrary guarantee that newborns will not be abandoned and left to die), but the lie, widely told and funded by foreign interest groups, works.

In Kentucky, voters were told that voting in favor of pro-life measures was voting in favor of government mandates and against freedom. These are effective messages regardless of their truth, and if they are not answered correctly, voters may believe them.

The pro-life movement failed to reach enough voters during the midterms. We have persuasive, mind-changing content, and we also have most Americans on our side when they know the truth, but without matching and exceeding the reach and resources of the abortion industry, we cannot get the votes we need to end abortion and build a culture of life. . By filling the market with the scientific truth about the humanity of the preborn at all stages of pregnancy, the human right to life will be a winning political issue in 2024.

What the media doesn’t want you to know is that Americans favor the pro-life movement more than the abortion industry. In particular, most Americans support restrictions on abortion, and many are divided on the subject. But we do know that as voters’ understanding of human development increases, so does their opposition to abortion.

Data shows that 69% of American women [7 out of 10] believe that abortion should be significantly restricted but still legal – even the majority of those who call themselves pro-choice (52%) “believe that abortion should be available, at most, during the first three months of pregnancy, permitted only in cases of rape, incest mahram, or to save the mother’s life, or not allowed.” Contrast the prevailing belief in favor of abortion restrictions with the position of almost all Democratic candidates and politicians, and the position of the Democratic Party: Abortion without any restrictions, throughout nine months of pregnancy, on demand and tax-funded. Pro-choice strategists understand there is a wide gap between the positions of voters and Democratic politicians, and this is why they don’t want to talk about the facts of early human life and what abortion actually is.

A large majority of Americans would rather taxpayer dollars support pregnancy centers than abortions, leading to a more family-centered culture.

Tuesday’s poll results are a reflection of the pro-life message that more than $380 million has been spent on pro-abortion advertising. Specifically, Democrats spent $391 million on pro-abortion advertising compared to $11 million spent by the GOP. That’s a 35 to 1 ratio – 35 pro-abortion dollars for every pro-life dollar.

The strongest message always wins. Unfortunately, the pro-abortionists are stronger because they are richer.

CHEVY CHASE, MD: Protesters march past the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

CHEVY CHASE, MD: Protesters march past the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
(Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)


The pro-life movement must maximize its resources to change the media landscape in America. That’s the biggest takeaway from the half term because there’s strong data showing how persuasive and compelling the pro-life message is. We know that over 40% of people change their mind from pro-choice to pro-life after seeing the right content. This includes reassuring video content such as those posted on or videos such as “Baby Olivia.” This video, which shares the truth about the beauty of human development in the womb and the cruelty of abortion procedures, is narrative in nature.

This should give us a lot of hope. And it should make us happy because when we see referendum losses, we know that they are the result of the lies spread by the pro-abortion side and the incredible amount of money they spend promoting them. It should spur us to compete to amplify our message more than the pro-abortion side. We must increase our efforts and outreach to educate the public and compete with the pro-abortion media. Every time pro-abortion parties throw hundreds of millions of dollars into promoting their lies in pro-abortion advertising, media, and influence, those lies resonate in our national consciousness. This lie will cost lives because people buy into it.


The pro-life movement needs to set the narrative, so we can win the narrative. That narrative is the truth that human life begins at conception, that abortion is a violent and unethical act of murder, and that children – regardless of their age – deserve complete legal protection.

We know that when people learn the truth about abortion and life in the womb, they become pro-life. It is our strategic duty, and our moral responsibility, to give every American a true choice when they go to the ballot box. Every American needs to hear the pro-life message. Our future depends on it.



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