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Welcome to the live coverage of the first match of the second day of Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2022 between Patna Pirates and Puneri Paltan at Sri Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru on Saturday.

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Score read – Patna 34-34 Pune

We have the first tie of the season as Poneri Paltan run round the clock, not wanting to risk Patna winning.

Tall raider. Don’t mess around – raid long and don’t mess up, says BC Ramesh to his Poneri platoon boys. 14 seconds left.

34-34 Patna returned the favor. No super tech but Mohit Goet is sent out. A Thagarajan man.

33-34 Pune is playing on a do-or-die raid and what a trick it is! Badal Singh leans in behind Sachin and he pushes him outside for one. Super Tackle.

33-32 Is this the game-changing moment? Aslam Inamdar is sent to the bench after being brought down in the middle of the Patna half.

32-32 Sachin comes. Sachin gets a point. Sachin goes. Amazing job of pirate raider on do or die raid.

Meanwhile, the second match of the day will see high-flyer Pawan Sehrawat in action. Follow Gujarat Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas here.

31-32 Islam turns things around. He gets the bonus and sends out defender Sajjan C to regain the lead for Pune and bring back Mohit Goit. Finally.

Mohit Goit has been out of the court for more than 14 minutes.

31-30 Akash Shinde has been cornered and pulled back as he and Mohit now find themselves watching the action from the bench.

30-30 Vishwas took Bala Sahib Jadhav out.

29-30 Another bonus for the Puneri platoon

29-29 Bonuses and scores are equal to Pune. Attacker Aslam Inamdar.

29-28 Brilliant defense from Pune. Linker Patil foxes Rohit Galia from behind and pushes him down before help arrives.

29-27 Aslam Inamdar slows down and walks away with the bonus point.

29-26 We are at a time when Akash Shinde gets Rohit Gillia and then Vishwas takes out Mohit Govet. Pune are struggling to keep pace with this game and this time-out will help them catch their breath and think clearly.

28-25 Two-point raid for Patna. Rohit Gulya dismissed Sanket Sawant and Balasaheb Jadhav.

26-25 Aslam Inamdar gets a bonus point.

Turn 26-24! Badal Singh comes to raid but Neeraj Kumar takes him out. Pune was attacked by all. Pune have scored just 1 point in the last five minutes.

23-24 Sachin has now taken out Pankaj Mohate and is left with one man.

22-24 Pankaj Mohte gets a bonus point.

Substitution – Pune – Mohate in, Jadhav out

22-23 Aslam Inamdar’s penchant for advanced tackles annoys him as he gifts a point to Rohit Galia.

21-23 Akash Shinde failed in his raid as he was pushed out of bounds by Neeraj Kumar

20-23 Sachin takes Sanket Sawant out with a do-or-die raid.

19-23 Mohit comes in for a do or die raid and Patna blocks the exit. Castle and how.

18-23 Sachin comes in, tries to outrun Badal at first but goes to the right corner and gets a touch point plus a bonus after the touch hold from the right corner doesn’t end. Looks like a lone wolf effort from Sachin here.

Half time – 23-16 in favor of Puneri Platoon

Pune does not miss Fazal Nabi Bakhsh. They performed well in attack and defense and adopted an aggressive approach throughout. That said, the left corner, along with Badal Singh, looks broken.

Patna Pirates held on, in fact, they got the first all out, but their attack seems to have lost some heat. Can they bounce back in the second half?

16-23 Puneri Platoon’s Akash Shinde took Vishwas out and it now meant that Patna Pirates would start the second half with a do-or-die raid. And it’s half time!

16-22 Mohit Goyat first dismissed Yuvraj with a touch and then tackled Rohit Galia to give Pune two points in a row.

16-20 Well, a few points have passed but the pace of this game is electric. After looking helpless for a few minutes and allowing Patna to go all out, Pune come back with lightning speed and return the favour. All out Patna

13-16 Rohit Galia dismissed linker Patil with ease.

Replacements: Patna – Rohit Galia, Naveen Sharma

13-15 Bala Sahib takes care of Jadhav Vishwas. Another point towards Pune

13-14 Fascinating! What a cute print. He goes deep into the Patna half and picks up Sunil and Neeraj Kumar before returning to the mid-line.

13-12 Sachin piles up in Pune’s defense but Balasaheb Jadhav catches Sachin by the body and, in what looks like a solo tackle, pulls him down before reinforcements arrive.

13-11 Sachin comes in for a do-or-die raid and Badal Singh is a bit more nervous as he catches a slip on Sachin’s ankle. But Sachin drags it to mid-on.

12-11 Mohit Goit comes in and gets Sajan. Fast and easy

12-10 Aslam Inamdar comes to raid and sends Sunil to the bench. Vishwas follows it up with an empty raid.

12-9 Pankaj Mohte tries a dip and his hand comes a few inches near the midline but the Patna defense pulls it back. All were affected.

Pune: Subs: Pankaj Mohate comes in for Sanket Sawant

9-8 Sachin do or die runs for the raid. Pune had only three defenders on the mat. In the replay, we see that Sachin has a touch on one member of the right corner and then we see that he touches the other right chain, also Balsaheb Jadhav. Sachin then runs in and demands two points. It goes for review as the refs think Sachin has just got one. But now, replays suggest it could be a five-point raid as we can touch all three Pune players. TV Umpire Verdict: Review Passed. Two points will be awarded. There will be no five-point bonus and one man will stand out for Pune and that is Pankaj Mohte.

7-8 Akash Shinde believes he deserves a point plus the bonus but the referee feels the striker has gone out of bounds. Aakash quoted. Replays showed he got the bonus but at the point of crossing the mid-line. Sajan seems to be taking him out and we are trying to see if his body is on the playground. So does that touch point stand? Review failed. Pune lost their ratings for the night and Patna retained the point. Was this review necessary?

6-7 Aslam Inamdar loses his balance due to his speed and goes into the lobby untouched. Pointed to Patna.

5-7 Badal Singh comes in from the left to help Sanket Sawant dash Rohit Galia as the right cover holds him back to ensure he is well off the mid-line. Both units were aggressive in attack and defense today. The confidence from the Puneri platoon is particularly encouraging.

5-5 Here Patna defends brilliantly against the Pirates as they grab Mohit by the body and roll him back.

4-5 Alankar Patil went out of bounds gifting Patna a point.

3-5 Aslam is knocked down with a strong ankle hold dash combo. He heads to the bench.

If there is no surplus, Patna will target that left corner.

2-5 Badal Singh of Pune platoon comes in handy in Pune’s left corner as he brings down Vishwas. Good support from the rest of the team

2-4 Akash Shinde comes in for the third raid and quickly removes Rohit Galia with a kick to left cover.

2-3 error from PUNE! As the cushion began to build, the defense faltered. Mohit tries to catch the assailant – Vishwas but can’t.

0-3 Mohit Gavit scored two nifty points in his first foray.

0-1 Aslam Inamdar started the Pune operation. Below the right corner is a bonus. Sachin follows up with an empty raid for Patna.

Live Action at 7:30PM IST- Patna Pirates win the toss. The Poneri platoon will initiate the action.

7:20PM IST: Line-ups

Cheese Platter: Aslam Inamdar, Balasaheb Jadhav, Sanket Sawant, Mohit Goit, Lankar Patil, Akash Shinde, Badal Singh

Patna Pirates: Sachin, Vishwas, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Thyagarajan Yuvraj, Sajan C, Rohit Galia

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Patna Pirates

attacker: Sachin, Sushil Gallia, Vishwas S, Anand Surendra Tomar, Ranjith Venkataramana Naik, Anuj Kumar, Mono, Rohit, Skish Hegde.

Protector: Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Thiagarajan Yuvraj, Naveen Sharma, Manish, Shivam Chaudhary

All Rounders: Rohit Gallia, Mohammadreza Shadloi Chiania, Sajan Chandrashekhar, Abdul Ansam S, Daniel Omondi Odhiambo, Sagar Kumar

Cheese Platter

attacker: Aslam Mustafa Inamdar, Mohit Govit, Aditya Tashar Shinde, Akash Santosh Shinde, Pankaj Mohate, Shubham Nitin Shelke.

Protector: Fazil Utrachali, Sombhir, Badal Tasin Singh, Abinesh Nidarajan, Sanket Sawant, Alankar Kaluram Patil, Bala Saheb Shahji Jadhav, Rakesh Bhale Ram, D. Mahendra Prasad, Harsh Mahesh Lad.

All Rounders: Mohammad Ismail Nabi Bakhsh, Govind Gurjar

Big update:

None of the Iranians who will be featured today are available – Fazal Atrachali, Mohammad Nabibakhsh and Mohammad Reza Chianeya Shadloui – are out of today’s program due to visa delays.

Head to head Matches: 17 | Patna: 13 | Puneri: 2 | Tie: 2


Patna will rely on their lead raider Sachin to lead their attack and continue his strong form which saw him amass 172 raid points, making him the pick of the raiders for Patna Pirates. He will be supported by the veteran Skish Hegde, who has scored a total of 471 raid points in Pro Kabaddi.

Patna Pirates will also hope that the likes of Mono, Anand Tomar, and Vishwas S make their presence felt in the raid. In defence, Patna Pirates captain, Neeraj Kumar will be in charge of marshaling his troops. Neeraj Kumar scored 53 tackle points last season and boasting a strong defense behind him was a big reason. He along with Sunil, who had 49 tackle points last season, will carry most of the defensive responsibility for the team. Additionally, all-rounders like Rohit Galia and Sajin C will add balance to the team as they can contribute both in attack and defence.

Check out our interview with Aslam Inamdar from last season

Puneri Paltan, though, will be up for the three-time champions as they bid to make a positive start to the campaign. Aslam Inamdar, who enjoyed a pro kabaddi debut campaign with Puneri Paltan last season, will be their go-to reader. He scored 169 raid points to become the top raider for Puneri Platoon in Season 8 and showed that he can also contribute defensively with 20 tackle points. Inamdar will have the likes of Mohit Goet and Pankaj Mohate to support him in this attack. Mohit Goyat, in particular, could have a huge role if he has 159 raid points and 28 tackle points in Season 8. Defensively, Poneri platoon has Sombhir, Abhinesh Nidarajan, and Sanket Sawant in his ranks. While Sombhir scored 60 tackle points in Season 8, Abinesh Nidarajan and Sankeet Sawant scored 44 and 26 tackle points respectively.

Where can you watch Patna Pirates vs Puneri Platoon PKL 9?

Pro Kabaddi Season 9 will be telecast live on Star Sports Network and Disney + Hotstar from 7:30 PM on Friday.


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