Pro Kabaddi Star Defender Shadloi, ‘I Watch Indian Movies And Aamir Khan Is My Favorite’ | Techy Kings


Pro Kabaddi has been home to more than one electrifying player. Many foreign talents have come to this platform and become household names in India.

One such name is that of Iranian defender Mohammadreza Shadlooi Chiania who plays for Patna Pirates.

Muhammad Raza Shadlu Cheyane enthralled Kabaddi fans and especially Patna Pirates fans with his heroic moves on the mat, intensity and winning mentality.

The youngster from Iran was retained by Patna Pirates and has been leading his side’s defense this season.

“I’m happy to be back in India. We didn’t start the season well but now we’re picking up the pace. I’m happy to be playing for Patna Pirates and really want to give it my all for our fans. Expressing happiness.” Shadlo said.

Shadlu was picked by Patna Pirates last year. He put up a brilliant performance in the Kabaddi Masters 2016 and that’s what caught the attention of the KPKL scouts here.

“My friend Mohsin Maqsoodlu sent videos to Patna Pirates and they picked me up in the auction. Many other teams came for me but Patna picked me up. Coach Ram Mehr Singh trusted me to perform last season,” he said. Shadlow explained his entry. Pro Kabaddi League

“I watch a lot of Hindi films to learn Hindi and Aamir Khan is my favorite actor. It was difficult to communicate with my colleagues in the initial days but eventually we bonded over the language of Kabaddi.”

Shadlu said, “It was difficult for me to do anything. I couldn’t talk to my teammates or the coach and I was alone most of the time. But now I have learned a little Hindi and we share our love for kabaddi. I am bound”. About his early days in PKL.

The emergence of the Pro Kabaddi League has affected Iran the most, with players like Meraj Sheikh, Fazil Atrachali and Hadi Oshtarak emerging on the scene.

“Watching kabaddi live in Iran is difficult because the league is not on television and we struggle to find videos. We watch some clips on Instagram or YouTube. I first saw PKL on YouTube,” Shadlo said. stated.

“Iran doesn’t have many kabaddi leagues or tournaments. PKL has helped us improve our game because we play with the best players in the world and we have access to the best coaches. Iran is getting better because “We have exposure with the PKL. The Kabaddi League is important for everyone involved in the sport,” explained Shadlu.

Shadlu was the best defender of PKL Season 8 scoring 89 points and was instrumental in Patna Pirates being the most feared team of the season.

Known for his fearless attitude and powerful moves, Shadlo has earned fans across the country.

“We started a bit slow but now we’re picking up the pace and I’m doing well every day. It’s a long tournament and we have a lot of time to reach the finals this season,” he said. When asked about, Shadlu added.

“Ha ha, I don’t really think too much about it all. I just like to express myself and be intense when I play. It’s all in good spirit and all the intensity goes away, Once we’re off the mat. And we’re all friends,” Shadlow laughed at his face-off with his raiders on the mat.

With Patna Pirates in eighth position in the league table with 13 more games to go, Shadlow will have a significant feat if they are aiming for a fourth title.


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